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Working with Hive Keychain

October 31, 2021

Keychain for Hive provides you with secure and seamless access to HIVE-powered websites, apps, and services.

Experience gaming, blogging, video streaming, DEFI, and more while preserving the safety of your funds. Available for both desktop browsers and mobile devices. It’s time to join Web 3.0.

The Hive Keychain can be downloaded either on your mobile device (just go to your store of choice, and search for 'Hive Keychain', or by visiting


You will want to install HIVE Keychain as a browser extension. Currently, the following browser is supported:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Brave

You can download the extension from either the official addon stores for that browser or by visiting: and clicking on the browser of your choice.

Now that the Hive Keychain has been added to your Browser, you need to add your HIVE account to the keychain.

Adding Hive Account to Keychain

If you do not have a HIVE account, you can go to HIVE Signup to create one. If you have the HIVE extension installed while creating your account with the Hive FREE account signup, or any of the PAID accounts, the system should automatically DETECT that, and install your keychain for you.

However, in all cases, you will be either given:

  • Username & Password
  • Your HIVE keys

Click on the Hive Keychain Icon in your browser:

In order to PROTECT your account, the system is going to make you set up a hive keychain password - this prevents anyone from just clicking on your keychain icon and doing things on your behalf.

Once you have your new password created, click submit.

You will then be asked how you wish to add your HIVE account. When setting up your HIVE account you are either given a username & password or your keys. You can use any of these options here.

Most will give you the username & password side, so I'll just use that option for this tutorial

In these boxes, you'll enter your HIVE username (your hIVE ID) and whatever password they sent you. Remember, many sites which give you the password for your HIVE ID often call it a private password or private key. So you'd use that.

Then simply click on Import Keys

You will then click 'SAVE'. Note, you should always leave all three checked. With HIVE, you are given three types of keys (technically it's more, but Keychain doesn't need the others). So leave them checked and click Save

Congratulations! You are now connected to the HIVE network via HIVE keychain!

From here, you can visit any Web3 enabled HIVE DAPP (, for example), and then when logging in, they will usually ask you for your hive username. This is the same username as what you added to Keychain. You simply enter that, and then click Connect, and the Keychain will show a popup to allow you to connect to that DAPP

Mobile Devices (IOS and Android)

If you have an IOS/Android device, you will install the HIVE keychain application onto your phone. This application allows you to interact with HIVE-enabled DAPPs via the BROWSER feature of the HIVE KEYCHAIN application and still allows authorization to take place.

Some services, such as SoMee will also be implementing Hive Signer in their native applications to allow you to interact with the HIVE keychain without having to have the HIVE Keychain application fully active on the phone. But, this is a special use case. For the vast majority of DAPPS you'll use the Browser function within the application.

First, download the Hive Keychain application from the store, and then open it.

As you should have created your account already (see the account creation section above), you can click on 'Existing Account'

You then need to create a PIN code to enable Hive Keychain to protect your account. This PIN code (if your device supports Face/Touch ID, can be used as a backup method to unlock your hive keychain)

From here, it's going to ask you for your HIVE username & password (private key). You will enter the HIVE ID you have and the password/private key. Then click on the import button.

You are now connected to the HIVE blockchain through HIVE keychain. From here, you have several options. You can do almost anything you want with your HIVE wallet.

Connecting to a DAPP via Hive Keychain

The first thing to do, after logging into your Hive Keychain via the app, is to click on the three little dots on the top right. This brings up the menu:

You can then click on the 'Browser' option to access the built-in Hive Keychain enabled browser:

From here, you can click on any of the buttons there to navigate to pre-set DAPP's. SoMee will eventually be listed in the Social section, but for now, click on the address bar at the very top of the screen.

Then type in the following web address:

As this acts as a regular web browser, this will navigate you to the website, where you can log in to your SoMee account, as you usually would. Then you can try to post on the blockchain. By so doing, it will ask you for your HIVE username (id), and then make you click 'Connect'.

When you do this, the following screen will appear:

If you don't wish to be prompted every time you talk to the HIVE blockchain, click on the 'Do not prompt again to send signBuffer transactions from the account @YOURNAME on' checkbox

Then click on the Confirm button.

This allows you to link the two services together.

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