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What's to Come

October 8, 2020

We are growing quite a bit!

Look, it’s been a long journey (technically 4 versions of the software, and over 8 years in development!), but we finally are growing so fast that we have some major changes coming soon! Not only did we introduce the SoMee Public Data Service on 10/8/2020, but we also have some very exciting changes to be announced come 10/15/2020 as well.

What’s in the Future?

This is always a hard question for every project, not just DAPP/DEFI/Blockchain projects - put simply, we are looking at making a much nicer front end and mobile app experience for all of our users. But, to do that, we have to finalize our current projects as much as we possibly can!

To that end, we will be working on:

  • Converting the existing application over to a new ReactJS/Foundation project
  • Converting the existing mobile applications over to React Native/Foundation for IOS and Android

We’ll be also working with several of our partners to add:

  • Live Video and Instagram type stories to our platform
  • Protection for abuse against minors, sexual exploitation of minors
  • Automated API systems to help protect against spam and some bot protections
  • A newly designed SoMee Smart Contract with several new features to speed up blockchain transactions


Yep, we have one of those, and it will be announced soon! We are just wanting to make sure we have all the pieces in place before we actually go about and announce everything to the public! Suffice to say, we’ll probably have some amazing announcements for you on 10/15/2020 and also in our public AMA that is scheduled for the 26th of this month.

Keep up to date with the latest from our development teams by following our blog and site!

– SoMee Team!

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