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SoMee Update 10/18/2020

October 18, 2020

Hello everyone! Today was a minor update, but did see quite a few changes to the database structure for our service.

SQL Optimization

One of the key drivers behind performance is being able to lookup and give information to the clients quickly, efficiently, and effectively. One of the biggest issues we’ve had with this is the notifications system.

You can imagine just how many notifications are sent across this application on a per hour basis, and as all of those notifications have to be stored, and served for people to see, we can have a very………VERY……….complex sql setup to serve them.

We have optimized the heck out of these notifications today, and they have begun to load quite a bit faster.

So, today:

  • UPDATE SQL for Notifications, Indexes and Optimizations were added, that decreased load time of notifications by more than 350%
  • UPDATE SQL For block chain rewards, indexes and optimizations were added that decreased load time of notifications by more than 150%

While that may not seem like much was done today, suffice to say, the notifications are loading quite a bit faster, the load on the SQL cluster is much lower, and the rewards load faster for everyone  

Stick with us for more updates as we post them  

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