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SoMee Takes Singapore for Blockshow Asia 2018

November 12, 2018

“We are extremely excited to announce out of 500 projects SoMee has been selected as one of the TOP 10 finalists for the #BlockShowStartup VIP competition!”

Since we decided to make our way to Singapore for BlockShow we applied for the #BlockShowStartup competition taking place in their Telegram community ‘BlockShow Official Chat’. In the search for unique projects implementing blockchain technology in many industries, the opportunity to win the following is at stake…

  1. A FREE Kiosk at the event
  2. VIP Access
  3. Featured Interview

This is a HUGE opportunity for SoMee to get some great exposure at an event such as this! We highly encourage anyone reading this to join the telegram community to vote for us so we can solidify a WIN!

Please follow these steps to VOTE:

Join the → ‘BlockShow Official Chat’. ←

Click the ‘Pinned Message’ at the top of the feed.

Scroll down…

Once you see this, click on SoMee to VOTE 🙂

Community voting will close on Friday, November 16 at 2pm GMT, so please join the group and vote for us! If you believe in what we are doing we would love your support. Also too, feel free to share this with your community to give us an extra boost. We appreciate all and any love from you guys who follow us!

This is a great opportunity for you all to help bring us more awareness. The goal of winning competitions like this isn’t just about winning, it’s about getting us to the next level so we can provide more value to the world. When we say the world, we mean YOU!

I want to share with you as I have in the past that we appreciate you spending your time with us. Time is our most valuable asset, and we hope to continue to bring you valuable content that can inspire you to stay involved in our community here at SoMee.

Now let’s get into more about what we can expect to see from BlockShow Asia 2018!

We’ve been putting in work attending the previous conferences in Las Vegas from BlockShow Americas, Hoshocon, and World Crypto Con. Now we are headed to show some love overseas in Singapore!

Asia Blockchain Week takes place November 27-December 1 and we’ve decided to make our presence known. Let’s get into it!


BlockShow’s flagship event will take place at the world famous Marina Bay Sands hotel November 28–29. With over 100 + speakers, 3000 + attendees, 76% senior management, 200+ journalists, and 50+ countries, we can expect this to be a show definitely worth while. Powered by CoinTelegraph, one of the most respected independent blockchain media and special events’ organizer.

A few speaker’s to include…

LEFT to RIGHT: Jason Hsu-Crypto Congressman & Legislator of Taiwan, Tone Vays-Ex-Wall Street Professional, Crypto and Blockchain Educator, Researcher & Consultant, Zing Yang- Investor, Board of Directors at Litecoin Foundation

THE MAIN STAGE of BlockShow Asia 2018 will gather all the flagship topics of today’s Blockchain Environment: investing, regulations, governments, blockchain use-cases, and corporate stepping up the game. All that the worldwide audience is interested in. Also, we are going to discuss the hottest local matters and tendencies in the Asian region — considering the past, sharing visions and working towards the future.

THE SECOND STAGE of BlockShow Asia 2018 will present the ultimate blend of the most valuable elements of the show. Opinion Battles, Solution Sessions, and Panel Discussions — this all will return to feature the renowned expert board and expose their vision on the wide range of topics.
Apart from that, something new is coming! EXP20 Startup Show — our recent rethinking of a startup competition. New rules, new jury and completely different pitching format — you don’t want to miss it!


“Everything we do here at SoMee is for YOU whether you’re setting up a page for personal or company use. We are creating a space where everyone can win. We value YOU because without YOU we cannot exist. We are working for YOU so we can be the new TRUSTED standard in social media.”


“To redefine the social media experience by inspiring community, empowering choice, respecting privacy and rewarding all value created through the blockchain.”

We encourage everyone reading this to head over to to check out our live beta, and stay tuned for more exciting updates with our MVP coming soon!

Launch a personal and/or company page!

Keep an eye out, our SoMee Swag will soon be available for purchase COMING SOON to our shop on

Until next time…

James Pelz

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