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January 1, 2021

As discussed a while ago in July, August, and September of last year, we are taking off the blockchain for development work. Our main issue stemmed from the fact that the steem blockchain has hit a limit with the number of requests we keep sending to it. It's just not able to keep up with the millions of transactions that we want to send to it on a routine basis.

To this end, we must take down the blockchain in order to upgrade it to a different service/framework, and provide a better experience for our users.

What does this mean for you?

Your wallet information is safe. You technically have two wallets:

  • Your SOMEE wallet, which contains your ONG and any other tokens, ETH that you added to it for withdrawls, etc
  • Your INTERNAL wallet, which contains your GFUEL/GBUCKS internal Points

Both of these wallets will be impacted by this outage.

Internal Wallet

When it comes to the internal wallet, all of your data is stored on the internal blockchain nodes that we have up and running. For the purposes of this upgrade, these nodes will be taken down, to disallow them to accept posts and actions on the chain. However, they will still be up to allow you to log into the app, and check your wallet balances (as long as those API's are up). Even when those API's change and the site becomes unuseable, we will still have the ability to ensure those balances don't change.

SOMEE Wallet

This is the wallet that was created for you when you created your account. You were sent the private keys and seed phrases via email. You SHOULD have saved that information. This wallet can be linked to any ERC-20 capable wallet service, like WalletConnect or Metamask, or even to ensure that you can access your wallet at any time, even if the site is offline.

The balances in THIS wallet are not controlled by the SoMee platform, and are yours to do with as you please, regardless of the platform operations.

Migration Process

The process to migrate will include completely replacing the blockchain, and migrating internal points/gfuel over to the new system, to ensure you have the voting power that you had prior, as well as any additional rewards you may have had during our election period.

This migration also contains updates to the new website, new mobile apps, and new interfaces.

The blockchain will be turned back on after these upgrades have been completed, and the site is ready for monetization again.

When it's back on

When the wallet is back online, you'll still have access to, and see your wallet balances, but will have 2 wallets, instead of 1. Your first wallet is your SOMEE wallet, the wallet you already had, nothing has changed on that. Your second wallet is your HIVE wallet, showing your hive token rewards, etc for posting on the blockchain.


Currently, we have no ETA on when this will be, but our goal is by October 2021, which is Q4 2021.

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