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SoMee September 2021 AMA

September 25, 2021


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Project Updates

We had several major project updates this month, let alone a partnership announcement. We discussed:

  • Team Goals for Development
  • Sprint Plan
  • Long Term Plan
  • Marketing Plan (overview)
  • Development Core Tasks
  • Development Tasks
  • Development Scope of Work
  • SWOT for Blockchain
  • We also discussed our project analysis and needs.

Project Slides

AMA Recording

Questions & Answers

QuestionAsked ByAnswer
Hi people!  Yury MHi there, nice to meet you!
What means "major release for the new team"? ( Said by Madam on telegram) Software release?What features? Blockchain is still planned for October?Inigo LMajor Release means their first software release for us - including some features and bug fixes. We'll announce more about that in the 1st week of October. We are on bi-weekly sprints.
You mentioned Blockchain with Hive in the roadmap..
When we can expect the Cardiano.
Shahzeb KCardano will be added as one of our first multi-chain implementations once the cardano smart contracts are more mature and we are ready to add the multi chain
can you provide updates on the SAT and ads marketplace in terms of coding and development?
Nat DSAT is still active and going well - the marketplace needs its frontend redone in react as the old one is in angular. This will take about a month - it's still on schedule for End of Nov/Dev though.
Will an auditor double check our tokeneconomics? Somee sounds like one of those 200 part watchesCashmere CryptoWe already had an auditor go over our tokens, Omnicia is the one who did that.
republic only for US accredited investors?
only for US investors?
or open for all? 
Ian does anyone 18+; some projects may require accredited investors due to Title II/Title III regulations.
Christopher what about the funding group you mentioned previously?  When will they start?Kelly PPanthera is the group we use for advising on financial matters. We are still actively working with them, even with the release
There is a confirmed exact date for republic stock sale start?
Inigo LHopefully next week or first week of October
When we will know our Gfuel value/price/tokenomics? We made a good deal changing ONGs for Gfuel on 2X promotion?Inigo LOnce the blockchain is online
Chris how does it feel? Your space ship is launching soon after years of perseverance, you stressed? Happy? Cashmere CryptoChris feels great - he's finally happy to see things moving in the right direction and very thrilled that things are working so well now - less stressed.
How does hive blockchain differ from steam for tps? And how many tps do you expect per million users? StuartOn Steem, with 50k users, we hit their TPS max and caused lots of dropped packets. On Hive, even 2.5 billion requests per hour is only 625k TPS - that's NOTHING compared to what HIVE can handle.
With new develpoment team development and software feature releases will be faster?Inigo LYes, we'll accelerate development, and do incremental releases with more work being tested and done on bi-weekly sprints.
once ironed out will you notify us about when block chain will be enabled. Kelly PNo of course not, we'll keep it secret! Just kidding! Yes, we'll tell everyone!
Probably an obvious question, but are you planning to integrate  minting and and trading the NFTs using our Somee points as well as cross chain currencies??  Roger OEventually yes, our NFT Marketplace will sync w/ the SoMee site - for now, it's completely separated
Chris beard will be white when Defi is working?Inigo LHa! Hopefully not, but May, Jun, July next year is DEFI elements so hopefully will still not be all white 😛
How long time Will the funding campaign run for?J3-4 months usually
I'm interested in Blockchain, reward system and monetization.  How will the reward system be monitored so that ultimately there is stability and a bubble that could burst from an oversupply of users cashing out their rewards every day?Yury MThe algo determines the inflation that people pay - this isn't affected by the # of users on the platform; the more users, the more voting, the more movement, the more the tokens are smoothed out among the populous. The point is, with the token supply we have we can support an almost seemingly endless amount of people.
What will happen to the Gfuel X2 and SoMee points in digital accesses?Alonso AWill be paid out as requested on your election form.
HAHAHAKelly PWoot, we love questions like this 😛
is the collab with meet the drappers in play?
Nat DThis is a collab between and the Drappers - if they ask us, we'd be more than happy to go on there - Chris of course will do the plug (not me (Phillip lol)) 😛

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