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SoMee Open Beta Features By Date

May 6, 2021

Here's what we have released to date, and what is working in the open beta:

25/March (Released)

  • Youtube support
  • Logged user profile
  • Image preview
  • Comments (with gif, url preview, youtube and emoji)
  • Search bar
  • Aync notifications
  • Error handling page
  • Improve post image sizing
  • Post reporting

30/April (Released 5/5)

  • Search results page
  • Users profiles with followers system
  • Single post page
  • Notifications page
  • 3 Columns feed
  • Open Beta Process

Non-Functional Items:

  • Text Chat (Pending - base implementation (backend only))
  • Company/Groups/Photo Album Pages (but not functionality)

Note, dates below are subject to change based on technology requirements

Phillip, CTO

28/May (Active Development)

  • Groups/Companies/Photos pages
  • Add Support to Pictures on Comments
  • Add Link to Comments and Posts from Notifications with colors
  • Reply comments at unlimited Levels
  • Video Calls
  • Short Clips
  • Text Chat
  • Merge Beta and Prod Data
  • Move to Somee.Social

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