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June 13, 2021

After a successful launch of its SoMee Advertising Token ($SAT) during a live stream with Ben Armstrong (BitboyCrypto), SoMee announced that it had enabled the migration of existing $ONG tokens to a new contract ($SOMEE) for all users.

SoMee has worked with Prism Network to set up its migration contract and liquidity staking pools for its $SOMEE governance token. As a result, users can migrate their $ONG to the new $SOMEE contract and then immediately begin staking their $SOMEE tokens to yield farm $SAT with varying APY depending on how many are staking in the pools.

"Prism Network has entered into a long-term partnership agreement with SoMee to host its pools in a decentralized manner with its pools contracts. SoMee will integrate the staking option within its wallet and state that PRISM Network powered it." – Christopher Kramer, CEO SoMee Global, Inc

"SoMee launched its SoMee Advertising Token ($SAT) in partnership with CardStarter on June 2 live on BitboyCrypto. SoMee's $SAT token will be used within the ecosystem by advertisers to promote campaigns and users to join campaigns and stake for Ad Share up to 50%; SoMee should release its Ad Share Marketplace later this year." – The Prism Network

SoMee.Social launched into 'release candidate' mode on May 28, 2021, with short videos, groups, company pages, notifications, settings, and a fully working timeline and news feed. The development roadmap for June 2021 includes live video calls, live video conference*, going live on the Post, uploading videos*, saving short videos*, sharing short videos*, video filters*, live text chat, and finally, private text chat.  

SoMee's CEO Christopher Kramer has been doing numerous press interviews on New To The Street, which broadcasts on Fox Business, Bloomberg, CNBC, and Newsmax. SoMee's team includes Dr. Jen Welter, Jamie Gold, Liron Glikman, Vince Caruso, Ben Armstrong, Jason Appleton, and legendary advertiser Allen Kay with his partner Richard Lofgren. You can view SoMee's entire team at and below:

SoMee is working directly with the HIVE engine blockchain team to integrate their blockchain into their ecosystem for post rewards and mint a token called $SME. SoMee plans to have the HIVE blockchain integrated by the end of July, with most wallet features working as well*.

SoMee ecosystem Tokens:

  • $SAT is ad-revenue staking on the platform, and users can stake $SOMEE for yield farming $SAT
  • $SOMEE is the platform's governance token. This type of Governance empowers the community by allowing them to dictate where the platform goes in the future as well as includes community moderation and facilitates higher post rewards for holders
  • $SME is the reward token used to pay post rewards on the primary HIVE blockchain.

SoMee offers users a myriad of different ways to earn on its platform and, in the future, will provide additional reward chains so that users can earn other cryptocurrencies. SoMee is the world's first Super DAPP and one of the only collateral based DEFI micro-lending social media platforms in the space. They will also be the first blockchain project to be featured on TV commercials on mainstream western networks.

SoMee's primary mission is monetization, privacy, and control – they fully believe that every user should have an equal voice online, and each user should earn from their voice and data. No single user should have a stronger voice than another, and users should be in complete control of their data. To that end, SoMee has created a platform where the user can control everything, intuitively, from their news feed and settings. The user will never need to share anything they don't wish to share, and no advertisers will be allowed to access information on users without their permission. SoMee truly is the next level of social media redefined.

SoMee partnered with Prism Network who offers crypto's first Universal EVM Launchpads, with better controls and deeper integrations with smart contracts. Prism partners with Binance, Polygon, TomoChain, and xDai, to name a few. In addition, they have native Farming as a Service (FaaS) for yield farming various tokens. And they partner with Omniscia and Certik to verify their contracts. Prism is a natural fit for SoMee, as they are firm believers in decentralized access for users in the crypto space. Look at what all Prism offers at

Lastly, SoMee is doing community-based Governance and equal staking in the company. Soon, you will be able to buy stock in the company on the site for as little as $250/share. Holding stock will allow you to have a stake in the company and potentially earn dividends on the company revenue. When you couple that by holding $SOMEE for Governance on the platform, SoMee truly gives the community the voice and control they deserve.

Join today and be one of the first to have your voice online in a secure, private, and monetized network. Register at You can also view the development blog, roadmaps, and project news at is also global friendly, with many languages supported out of the gate. To participate in language translation for SoMee, you can visit the project at

Check out Prism Network at to access the Universal EVN Launchpad, Farming as a Service, and help with writing compliant and robust smart contracts. You can also check out the latest projects on the launchpad as well at  You can follow Prism Network on Discord at and check out their Twitter at

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