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SoMee Monetization FAQ

November 2, 2021

Do I Need a Hive/Steem Account?

If you wish to monetize, yes - will need one of these accounts.

Is SME going to be on CoinGecko/Coin Market Cap?

SME is a Layer 2 Token, it is not going to be listed most likely on these networks because these networks are only Layer 1 Tokens

Voting Power

As stated in the RC article, RC is essentially your voting power. Everyone who starts out with a NEW hive account has about 15 HP (about 3 billion RC) - and it costs about 1.1 billion RC to post to the blockchain. This value can go up and down based on the activity on the chain. The more people who post, the higher the RC cost. Your GFUEL you have now and your SME doesn't affect your RC directly.

Is HIVE tied to SME?

HIVE isn't tied to SME; SME is tied to actions on HIVE. HIVE operates its blockchain independent of what SoMee is doing; we are just using it as the source for monetization - allowing you to post on a completely decentralized platform, and earn HIVE. SME works on TOP of HIVE as a Layer 2 solution, so you earn SME along with your HIVE when paid out.

So, I have low RC, and lots of staked SME, I still won't be able to post more?

Your RC is based on your HIVE wallet - not on your SME wallet. The more SME you have staked, the more SME you will earn - it has no effect on your RC. If you want more RC, then you need to power up HIVE - this means converting SME to HIVE and powering up HIVE.

Am I forced to buy HIVE?

No, you are not forced to buy HIVE. Just like with voting power, RC regenerates over a 5 day period. You can go from 0 to 100% within 5 days and continue posting/commenting on the blockchain to your heart's content. But, if you want to do more, you will need to power up HIVE. You can transfer your SME to HIVE and then POWER UP hive so you can obtain more RC on the hive network.

Before we were not required to pay to post?

Actually, you were. Every action you did had an impact on your voting power. But, because SoMee OWNED the blockchain, we set the cost very low - so it barely affected your voting power, and when your VP was exhausted, we used our own points in the internal miner system to pay for your POSTS. Now, it's the proper way of decentralization - you pay to do things on the network, as it should be.

SME doesn't affect RC or Reputation?

Of course not. What you do on the HIVE network is on the Layer 1 system. HIVE Power and your actions on the blockchain dictate how reputation and Resource Credits you have. SME is on top of this, in a layer 2 solution, to give you MORE rewards.

But why have SME then? Why not make it HIVE? Get rid of SME, we should only have HIVE!

No, we cannot do that. We don't control HIVE, this means we cannot give you HIVE POWER, that's not how that works. HIVE is a decentralized blockchain used for blogging and monetizing your posts. If we only had HIVe and not SME, how would we honor your x2, GFUEL, and POINT contributions? We'd have to effectively state that none of you get anything. No tokens, nothing when switching to HIVE. That's not exactly fair, is it? Secondly, as we don't control HIVE, how can we give you boosts? That's why we have a Layer 2 provider that allows us to give you SME (a different token) for your actions on HIVE. It provides you a massive boost in utility as it can be used for everything from swapping to other tokens (including HIVE), but also staking, defi elements, and even buying NFT's all while on the Layer 2 network. So no, getting rid of SME wouldn't make much sense.

Isn't it like 2% Decrease with a 100% upvote?

Every action on the blockchain decreases your current_mana (resource credits) available to do things on the blockchain; depending on how BUSY the network is, and how good your reputation is, will determine how much is actually removed. And before, things were calculated based on the old 18k per gfuel = voting power that was incorrectly used. That's why you saw about a 2% decrease each time. That's not really how it's supposed to work. The VP was supposed to fluctuate based on how much was done on the blockchain and cost you more/less based on the network activity - it never really did that. Now, you are properly on the decentralized blockchain and VP (resource credits) is working as intended.

What about making it so that people can make a wallet and start earning?

That's what we have enabled - you can make a HIVE wallet, link your account with SoMee and start earning. We are a fully decentralized DAPP - we don't want to hold your KEYS, not ever again. Think about how we did that before? We had the ability to have the internal chain, and we held on to the keys for you for the internal wallet, so we could control when you got the GFUEL/POINTS/GBUCKS - so we could control it…………..that's not decentralized - that's not even a DAPP, that's a CEX. That's not good, and that's not right, or fair to the blockchain community.

But, what about GFUEL?

You need to understand that GFUEL/GBUCKS/POINTS don't actually exist, they were artificial subcrypto components that we split up your earned points to, in order to give you more utility on the platform. GFUEL affected your voting power, and POINTS were used to swap things around. Sound familiar? HIVE is used for your resource credits (voting power) and SME is used for swapping things around. Essentially HIVE = GFUEL and SME = Points. We just have no way of giving you HIVE for your GFUEL - we don't control the HIVE chain - so instead we power that up with a powered-up SME, so that you can earn MORE SME with each post that is rewarded with hive. You want more RC (voting power), you convert your SME to HIVE and then power up HIVE. It really is as simple as that.

How do i see my wallet?

You can visit in your hive-keychain browser, or on a browser that supports hive-keychain, and log in. Then you can click your name and click wallet, to see your HIVE/SME wallet. You can visit if you wish to see your hive resource credits. Check the RC article to learn more.

Do you get HIVE for signing up a new account?

No, like with SoMee, you are given POWER (gfuel in somee's internal blockchain case), when you sign up for your account. You have some mana to start, which will allow you do to some posts but that's about it. You want more, you need to power up HIVE.

Does HIVE/SoMee Monetization work on mobile?

Absolutely. Just download the HIVE Keychain app and add your HIVE/Steem ID, then use the BROWSER function within the app to visit Then you can post w/o issue.

Can we post pictures on the blockchain?

Right now, no, however, we are fixing this bug shortly.

Will Likes on SoMee be translated to the blockchain?

If you have a post that's monetized, and you like it on SoMee, and you have enough RC, it will count as a vote on the blockchain (remember, you pay for every action on the blockchain). If you like it, and you don't have enough RC, that doesn't count as a like on the BC, just a like on the platform.

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