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SoMee June 2022 Update

June 30, 2022

SoMee released the largest update to date! Here are the stats:

  • 29 New Features
  • 48 General Fixes
  • 7 Main Updates
  • 2 Feature Removals

a total of 1,538 changes, fixes, and updates across the entire system (frontend and backend, and microservices).

New Features Added --

  • FEAT: added delegations in, delegations out in wallet balance
  • FEAT: Power Boost Packages
  • FEAT: Delegated SME Power in wallet balances
  • FEAT: Added boost button to profile and on payment success pages
  • FEAT: Display SME and Hive Power for packages
  • FEAT: Video Calls Added
  • FEAT: Changing Video and Audio sources during call/live video
  • FEAT: Changing to front/back camera if supported on live/calls
  • FEAT: Chat for live videos added
  • FEAT: Unified Video Interface added
  • FEAT: Support for Short Videos is in framework mode - will exist in the same unified window
  • FEAT: Notifications for Chat, calls, and ringing added
  • FEAT: Hive Payout Status and SME payout Status is false then power boost will show pending
  • FEAT: Clicking the transaction ID in the wallet will call the proper post or blockchain reference
  • FEAT: REmoved url when preview is generated, and keep the preview on publish
  • FEAT: Wallet data can be seen even if the user isn't logged into the blockchain
  • FEAT: add dollar sign in wallet rewards next to any USD values
  • FEAT: Not showing fewer packages in the upgrade reboost popup
  • FEAT: Powerboost purchase, upgrade, reboost is disabled if the hive isn't signed in
  • FEAT: Upgrade is disabled if a massive boost is a current package
  • FEAT: Showing power boost in the transactions log
  • FEAT: Live Videos added
  • FEAT: Chat Added
  • FEAT: Audio Calls Added
  • FEAT: Millified SME and HIVE process
  • FEAT: Added influencer dashboard link for existing affiliates
  • FEAT: Clicking id on rewards post goes to the actual post on
  • FEAT: Added purchase history filter and updated logic for the filter
  • FEAT: After successful payment, redirect to wallet transactions and show payment history


  • FIX: SoMee reward values are failing to calculate dollar values
  • FIX: Light Mode issue with Close Modals on the wallet UI
  • FIX: Remove optional line 3 in address, make line 2 optional, and fix the name field on the power boost credit card form
  • FIX: Formatted remaining time in profile section for power boosts
  • FIX: Radio buttons on power boosts are exclusive
  • FIX: Not showing delegations if zero
  • FIX: Add reboost button
  • FIX: Various UI updates, tweaks, sizing issues
  • FIX: HP, SMEp for Reward Balances updated
  • FIX: Added alert if the user tries to degrade their power boost
  • FIX: Choices are reset on log out and log in
  • FIX: Profile section, no boost active text
  • FIX: Converted SME to HIVE in wallet balances for Hive Power
  • FIX: Profile avatar UI issue
  • FIX: SHowing hive power like and sme power like
  • FIX: not showing wallet balance operation if monetization is turned off
  • FIX: Removed extraneous logging
  • FIX: Weekly rewards not summing correctly
  • FIX: Added text description for massive boost
  • FIX: Various security and code smells resolved
  • FIX: Stopped automatic redirect for affiliates if approved
  • FIX: Delegate/UnDelgate text is clear
  • FIX: Transactions not loading
  • FIX: Major Refactor for Agora work
  • FIX: Wallet not loading on refresh
  • FIX: Added logging for Agora
  • FIX: Changed communications socket logic
  • FIX: Power Boost package alignment issues
  • FIX: Wallet container and balance container UI updated
  • FIX: Youtube and Other URL SEO Images now show up
  • FIX: Left-aligned power boost text to be more in line with our style
  • FIX: Create Media for your follower's colors and alignment
  • FIX: Solved typing posts with hashtags and return breaks cursor placement
  • FIX: Solved display bugs in mobile view for chat and live video
  • FIX: Unable to sign in on certain devices
  • FIX: Profile section boost and reboost button not closing the sidebar
  • FIX: When trying to tag, the action menus are not topmost
  • FIX: When trying to use hashtags, the action menus are not topmost
  • FIX: When using gifs, the menu isn't top most
  • FIX: Generally, when popups happen, they are now top most, and won't bubble down to elements behind them
  • FIX: Cannot post images/emojis/gifs/link combinations in posts to the blockchain
  • FIX: Updated hive signer logo for dark mode
  • FIX: Updated dark mode colors for various elements
  • FIX: Link preview hover colors
  • FIX: Power boost modal time issue
  • FIX: Square Credit Card Form error
  • FIX: Updated chat colors and size of the chat box on web and mobile to fix the scrolling issue
  • FIX: Updated query to only show followers/mutual for being able to chat with people


  • UPDATE: Power Boost purchase time logic
  • UPDATE: Removed extraneous comments
  • UPDATE: Formatted new power boost types and text
  • UPDATE: Changed the warning text for the timer for power boosts
  • UPDATE: Removed sentry popup (it was annoying)
  • UPDATE: Recoded the new post-process for new posts and editing
  • UPDATE: Optimized some files to remove unnecessary memory usage


  • REMOVED: Hive Keychain sign-up process
  • DELETE: No more live chat support

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