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SoMee Jan AMA 2021

January 30, 2021

First off, thank you for everyone who attended, and thanks for the entire SoMee community for the continued support. Our developers are working VERY LONG hours to get our road map implemented, and deliver the product we’ve been promising for so long.


It’s been a long time in the making, but our road map is finally read (at least for the foreseeable future).

SoMee Roadmap


Our road map outlines our current development processes, which are in high gear with 8+ developers, QA staff, testers, and project managers working actively on replicating all of the existing functionality of using our new interface. Our main focus here is making sure that we have a testable, workable beta available by probably 2/12/2020 and then our open betas in March of 2021.


Our marketing is a slow ramp from Jan all the way to our major launch in May (for now). Unless something major changes, this is how the marketing will work. We begin by doing small marketing campaigns with select influencers, pushing in more social media presence and advertising, then pushing in more affiliate advertising, and eventually culminating to market re-targeting and full campaign pushes come May 2021.

Questions & Answers from AMA

The below are all the questions & answers from the AMA from our various users and community members. We will do our best to answer them all; if something is missing, don’t hesitate to reach out in our main TG group, or to our support.

  • Ravi J 11:00 AMIs there any eta for tokenomics to be finalized
    • Not as of yet.
  • Nicolai O 10:48 AMAny news on the swop
    • Yes, but understand that ETH can get congested, so if it takes longer than a few hours, it may get stuck, and we end up having to refund you, in order for you to retry.
  • Ravi J 11:01 AMIf we cash out, after how many days of ieo will we receive the tokens
    • We don't have all the detail on the IEO just as of yet, but we will let everyone know once we make a decision in re to the IEO
  • Nicolai O 11:01 AMNo I mean the swopmee
    • Swaps already work, but with some situations causing them to get stuck, if they get stuck, just let us know!
  • AweSoMee Facts 10:40 AMWill we have to create new accounts and start from scratch on the new app or will all info and settings be imported?
    • No, all of your settings/accounts will be brought over to the new platform.
  • Madam AK 10:47 AMWill SoMee have their own card to earn and spend ong?
    • Our intention, and we've talked to partners that offer this, is to be able to integrate and offer this. But, at this time, we do not have this available.
  • Inigo L 10:50 AMGovernance throw ONG token would be really decentralized or governance with limits? Projects which attract capital have real decentralized governance
    • Our goal is complete decentralization to the community of the governance of the project for monetization as well as social media.
  • Cesar S 11:04 AMAnd also when will we have a functioning Somee Social website where all about the project such as road map etc can be read? thank you guys , i'm so bullish on this project, i firmly believe in decentralized social media and you guys will make it.
    • We will release road map after this meeting
  • Cesar S 10:58 AMNew token release is it ONG and if so what impact will it have on wallets currently holding ONG being traded?
    • The new token, once released, will have a new ticker - more centralized to the platform. For all intents and purposes, you'll be rewarded with that, based on your held values.
  • Simon S 11:07 AMCould you perhaps speak a little on the idea of the IEO that has been spoken of?
    • Not at this time, we don't have full specifics to release in regards to IEO
  • Ravi J 11:00 AMAre we on track for ieo in March. R u going to conduct ieo after tokenomics is finalized?
    • If we release an IEO, then we would have to release that with the new token - so we'd have to have everything to go and in place, or about there. So we are still working through it, but we don't know 100% if we'll do an IEO with this (even if it is our intention), but we are not 100% sure as of yet.
  • Simon S 11:01 AMWill there be an ability to upload a 30 minute video, or is it just going to be short 30 second type tick-tok?
    • Yes
  • Inigo L 11:02 AMWhat plans for integrating defi tools? Which tools? Trade OTC?
    • So for DEFI, we do have a plan - and we have it fleshed out, and once we are more decentralized, we want to add more DEFI elements - but i don't have any specifics to release to anyone just yet.
  • Philipp M 11:04 AMwill it be possible to swap the new token directly into G-Fuel? and how long will it take to swap back?
    • So, yes, you will be able to swap to the new token, just like you could with ONG, and the swap process still will work about the same.
  • Joshua B 11:05 AMRegarding the road map, when will we see the first wave of influencers bringing people to the platform?
    • They are already bringing people to the platform as per the small marketing campaigns in the yellow section on the map.
  • Alexander U 11:13 AMhey friends you think that the new token its going out the price will be high or low? thanks guys
    • We cannot guarantee the price of any utility token when released.
  • Joshua B 11:09 AMWhat will happen to existing ONG tokens on metamask wallets when you release the new token?
    • We don't control those other wallets, and anything OFF the platform - so whatever you wish to do with those tokens is entirely up to you. if you wish to transfer it BACK to the platform, and swap to the new token, that's your decision.
  • Crypto XS 11:12 AMAdshare in June, any plans for a beta or a first look?
    • yes, we will have a beta access in beta, with some key partners, and with select groups here on SoMee.
  • Alexander U 11:16 AMWhat can be an estimate at the price of the new token?
    • We cannot guarantee the price of any utility token when released.
  • Daniel M 11:15 AMwill new token be 1 to 1 with points cashing out or will they be a different ratio
    • We will keep the same ratio, 1:1 - however, when we switch to governance, it won't be 1:1 and we'll give 90 days notice to the community on that.
  • Warlie D 11:16 AMWill the vide feature for short videos like in Tik Tok or for lengthy ones? Thank you.
    • Short and long, and live streaming
  • Cesar S 11:17 AMA little bird told me that Somee might be considering doing something with Cardano , is it true or the bird ate poisoned grains? lol
    • We are obviously already looking for bigger ecosystem providers, like Cardano that have developed decentralized tools - we are in talks with them about what they can offer to us, but we have no specifics to confirm at this time.
  • Tomer S 11:16 AMCan you make a better way to filter spam or get priority notifications?
    • Yes! and it's being done in the new release
  • Cesar S 11:18 AMYay man, that would be amazing if you did. i have been with them since its inception
    • 🙂
  • Warlie D 11:19 AMWill there be a separate messenger? If not will there be notifications on the new app for new messages? Thank you.
    • yes there will - we may do telegram or another, but we'll announce it soon
  • Mike D 11:20 AMThe form said there will be a way to swap ONG 1:1 with the new token (outside of the platform)... is this correct?
    • If people want to hold the ONG and get the new token later, you will be able to do that.
  • Nicolai O 11:22 AMaround start December you talked about a swap/Exchange service called swopmee. I’m not asking about stuck transaction
    • We haven’t released any additional information on this yet - and it may be in the future with the changes we have made to the blockchain and services. We’ll release more info on it when the time comes.
  • Alexander U 11:22 AMThe price of the new ticker will depend on us?
    • The market determines the price of the ticker - as we are a utility token, we only control what goes on in the platform; anything off the platform at exchanges is beyond our ability to control.
  • Janus B 11:23 AMWill we be able swap to ONG on the new platform?
    • Yes, once the wallet services are turned back on.
  • Dimitar I 11:23 AMwhat will be the new supply?
    • We haven’t released the new supply numbers yet
  • Simon S 11:23 AMNew beta is in the next few weeks am i right?
    • That's correct! By hopefully 2/12
  • Aaron K 11:24 AMWhen are you going to input the info Jaoa gave you to make SwopMee a live product? 😉
    • We haven’t released any additional information on this yet - and it may be in the future with the changes we have made to the blockchain and services. We’ll release more info on it when the time comes.
  • Crypto XS 11:24 AMWill the team initiate a burn on ONG?
    • We already burned 1/2 the supply early on (wish we didn't, but hey), because the supply we had back then was more than enough, but live and learn! Right now, we have no plans to do so. It's not out of the question, but it has to make sense in order for us to do that.
  • Joshua B 11:24 AMDo you plan to have crypto crow and bitboy from your team to bring an audience to the platform?
    • They both are already involved in the platform, some in advisory positions.
  • Cesar S 11:25 AMWill the new token still have the total supply of 150,000,000?
    • We haven’t released the supply values as of yet.
  • Warlie D 11:25 AMThere are upcoming blockchain social media platforms as well being built. I hope SoMee release their app and roll out all the features before the others. I have faith in SoMee.
    • We love our community and will do our best; even if other social media blockchain companies exist, no one has the power, currently of SoMee, as a free speech platform.
  • Mike D 11:27 AMWhat's the best place to stay informed if I want to take part in the open beta? The main TG channel got a bit political so I left a couple weeks ago
    • We’ll make announcements in the TG channel, official SoMee group on SoMee Social, in our social media pages, and here in the dev blogs.
  • Sai T 11:28 AMKeep Rocking, guys!!! It's just the start ... a long way to go for all Someeians.
    • Always, and thank you for the continued support!

AMA Recording

The AMA recording can be viewed on our official YouTube Channel at:

You can also view it on our events portal: (note, this doesn’t work on mobile)

Next AMA

The next AMA will be held on 2/27/2020, you can register for it here:

Let’s have a great January everyone, and keep up the awesome support and work as always.


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