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SoMee Feb 2021 AMA

February 27, 2021

Well, it was another great AMA - this time, though, we didn't have our CEO with us, as he was busy meeting with investors! But it was great to be joined by 'The Cat' in this session. We also had a wonderful time actually SPEAKING to our audience (both Jatin and Ravi) came up to talk as well.

That's a format I want to keep as well - I'd love to physically hear form people near the end of the session (or even during) so that y'all can have more of an active voice in the project.

Major Talking Points

  1. We are still working on partnerships with several major companies; but we cannot release their names just yet. Most of us are still under MNDA's with these projects; so, until such a time as I can name them, I cannot.
  2. Side chains are going forward - meaning we'll be able to work with other blockchain companies and services
  3. Protocol work is going forward for Social Media protocols on blockchain
  4. We are still working on our game economy with our strategic partner (who we'll name soon!)
  5. We are still working on integrations with other services like LBRY to allow for cross posting of content into their systems.
  6. Tokenomics haven't been announced yet, we'll still honor the initial requests and form elections
  7. Blockchain information hasn't been released yet, may take 2-4 months of development to get that fully online
  8. Development team is still slated to go to Open Beta in April (not that may be near end of the month, just FYI)
  9. We'll do (currently) monthly releases for features, but I’m trying to talk to the team into every two-week releases
  10. Please provide all feedback and bug reports to [email protected] or to our official telegram support group, so we can log all bugs on the beta platform
  11. Crypto Cards and FIAT is something we are working on and in talks with a provider for, so keep an eye out for that!
  12. Currently there is no plan for an IEO, but that may change
  13. Currently there is no plan for an Air Drop, but that may change
  14. Currently there is no plan to turn on the blockchain while the app is in the current closed beta state
  15. Currently we are working on friends/group and profiles for the beta app
  16. Currently the beta app is working across all platforms, some have minor bugs, but being fixed ASAP

Questions & Answers

  • Jatin C 10:18 AM
    Will the blockchain be online immediately after the token release.
    • Probably not immediately, but pretty soon thereafter, yes.
  • Ravi Ja 10:40 AM
    Is there any eta for tokenomics to be finalized
    • Not yet, it's about a 2-4 months process for this.
  • Ravi J 10:40 AM
    Will the ad share be integrated in the new token after or before the token release
    • After
  • Alastair M 10:42 AM
    Any news on the new Ticker for the utility token?
    • Not yet
  • Jatin C 10:33 AM
    Has the team decided whether there will be an ieo or token release in some other form?
    • We have not released any IEO/ICO plans at this time
  • Madam AK 10:45 AM
    Has the name of the new token been decided?
    • It has not
  • Ognjen S 10:34 AM
    Any news on possible on Cardano integration / migration?
    • I cannot say much more than we are working with Cardono, I cannot confirm any details as we are under MNDA 🙂
  • Ravi J 10:40 AM
    Is there any timeline for the token to be released because as per the roadmap, token release was scheduled in Feb
    • I don't have anything else other than we are going to do it in the next 2-4 months.
  • Ravi J 10:46 AM
    As per roadmap, April is Open Beta R/C. So, in April any number of people can join the beta not only limiting to 20 people?
    • That's correct, in open beta, everyone joins on SoMee Social
  • Simon S 10:47 AM
    Phillip, are you meeting up with BitBoy as he's in Las Vegas atm?
    • No, I am not at the moment due to my health concerns
  • Madam AK 10:48 AM
    When will we get the answer to the hangman?
    • Not until the tokenomics are announced
  • Ravi J 10:50 AM
    What is Social media measure and affiliate measure as per the roadmap
    • In regards to social media measures, that's going to be dealing with analytics and measuring the affiliate program is doing and going to be. When we start to market with the bigger influencers, then we'll have more measures and ramps.
  • Jatin C 10:52 AM
    So after studying tokenomics for 2-4 months. then you guys will work on it.??
    • We are working on it right now lol it just takes 2-4 months to implement
  • Eco R 10:45 AM
    I can so see you Phillip, AC and Chris as blockchain hero cards when SoMee is fully launched, that would be so cool 🙂
    • Well, that would certainly be interesting for the cat or Chris - lol not sure how well Phillip would fair up there as a card haha
  • Geoff M 10:54 AM
    Is there any tangible news you can share?
    • I can only share things that are not part of an NDA
  • Simon S 10:54 AM
    Oh yeah! Debit cards... Do you have anything to say about that?
    • It's coming, but I have no specifics on it right now!
  • Madam AK 10:54 AM
    Any updates on the SoMee card to use in shops/online?
    • Fiat and Debit cards are in talks with provider companies at this time.
  • Eco R 10:53 AM
    Will you be growing the Discord channel or are we sticking with telegram?
    • We will still be growing the discord channel - I haven't been on much of it of late because I’ve been super busy. I may get a community moderator running it to build it up more. Note, I prefer discord myself to telegram, as does 1/2 of the crypto community, that's why we have one there.
  • Alastair M 10:55 AM
    Are there likely to be any scaling issues when you open up the beta to everyone?
    • None - our hyperscale technology can handle literally millions of users at a time
  • The Shmoo 10:56 AM
    How many users do you anticipate for each quarter?
    • We can probably safely say about 3000 new users a day if not a week
  • Crypto X S10:59 AM
    Does the new app have dark mode?
    • Yes, it will have for both web and mobile
  • Eco R 11:00 AM
    I'm sure it was once said that video on SoMee could be integrated via the Lbry platform in some way, is that still the route or have you used something else?
    • We never said we'd only ever use LBRY; we'll do cross posting, using various services and side chain, and our own native video handling
  • SoMee Says 11:03 AM
    What is the plan for the Social Media Scheduling tool and will it still cost X $ amount each month to use it?
    • The dashboard, such as it is right now, will probably be discontinued, as it's an older dashboard - however, we do have plans to either revamp it, or build that into our existing platform. As to additional cost, perhaps for premium members.
  • AweSoMee Facts 11:16 AM
    Will there be a way for people under 18 to legally use somee later? i.e blocking them from earning on posts (if that is the problem)
    • We will hopefully, within the next 2 years, add a way for people to join the platform who are under the age of 18 and over the age of 13 (COPPA rules). However, this is a free speech social media platform where anything can be posted, even highly suggestive material. This makes it not that safe for minors. In the end, until we have content filtering put into place and working properly, we won't open it up for anyone under 18.
  • Simon S 11:18 AM
    will there ever be a 'trusted source' aspect within SoMee? What are your thoughts on entirely 'let it run' news and opinion? Are there any legal requirements with news?
    • We will be building in a news center, fact check center, and content moderation centers as well - including controversial and popular posts. This will allow for bias elimination and proper moderation of content on the platform. We don't wish to become the trust circle for information on our platform, the users who share the information should be considered the trust center; and the people who fact check that information should be considered the confirmation. It is NOT our place to dictate what IS or IS NOT true on any platform; we just give you the voice and platform to speak your mind.
  • Eco R 11:22 AM
    Early SoMee members have a huuuge amount of GBucks, which means that when GBucks are activated new people to SoMee could be easily out-gunned for some time to come. Will the use of GBucks to self-promote posts be regulated?? ie, a weekly use limit?
    • Yes, we'll probably have an initial limit on this to help prevent abuse, and to see how it affects the platform as a whole.
  • Madam AK 11:26 AM
    Not a question but just want to say well done for your efforts and being so approachable
    • We do try so hard to be there for our entire community. Thank for you for all you all do for us 😉
  • SoMee Says 11:27 AM
    Does AC Daddy consider himself a creator, employee or Holder of the Pennies?
    • he is a creator and employee
  • Eco R 11:27 AM
    What's for dinner?
    • Probably beef stew with crackers
  • Crypto XS 11:28 AM
    Are you guys hiring new Grads/interns?
    • We are always looking for talent; if you know someone, please have them forward their CV/Resume to [email protected]
  • Madam AK 11:29 AM
    Tell us more about the Merch and the polling vote for gfuel/merch etc
    • We will probably put a NFT out for those who are winning in the wait list. But I have no additional details at this time.
  • Simon S 11:29 AM
    How are you guys personally 'bracing' yourself for the extreme scale that somee will do in a short while?
    • As a platform, we don't have much concerns; we can handle millions without an issue. But, as a company? It's always a concern to see us grow so fast; we are looking at bringing on a few more CS agents. We already do have a full CS support desk, help bot, and support center, so that helps a great deal.

Video Recording

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Slide Deck

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2 comments on “SoMee Feb 2021 AMA”

  1. Goodnight

    I would like to know if the points we have in the Old App will pass it to the beta or will it start from scratch?

    Will you still invest in ethereum to get paid?

    apart from everything.
    Big project I have been since November and I really liked the platform you know, you upload content and it gives you the opportunity to generate an income??

    thank you very much for being on your platform.

    Excellent work? Greetings ???

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