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SoMee and Wallets

February 22, 2022

Recently, some concerns came up with if SoMee can control user wallets without their permission. And, frequently, we are asked this question. After all, SoMee is no small ecosystem - we have everything from blockchain to NFT - but we wanted to assure people of the following:

Hive Blockchain Wallets

Hive Blockchain

Hive Blockchain & Accessing Hive Wallet

To monetize with HIVE, a user must have a HIVE wallet. However, SoMee doesn't create these wallets. Instead, we require the user to make the wallet on their own, in any way they wish. And to use their HIVE wallet with SoMee, the user must follow standard Web3 protocols - they can use:

To access their wallet via the SoMee App. But fortunately, neither of these ever gives SoMee access to any keys about the user's account.

Users can also access their Wallet on:

The above services will even work when the main SoMee app is offline or no longer accessible.

Thus, users have access to their wallets at any time, thus proving that SoMee DOES NOT control your wallet 🙂

Hive Keychain

Hive Keychain is a wallet app, very similar to MetaMask - that allows users to add their wallets and manage them with DAPPS on their own. The keys never leave the local device, are not transmitted over to the host site, and are never shared externally. The user must AUTHORIZE all actions through the wallet at all times.

You can access Hive Keychain information here:

Hive Signer

This feature of the Hive ecosystem allows users to create an OAuth2 token that gives a DAPP the ability to communicate with the HIVE blockchain whenever the user wishes it. But, just like Hive Keychain, it still requires users to approve actions. And, users are only authorized for seven days and must re-authenticate after that. Thirdly, for all acts of substance (such as transfers, power-ups, power-downs, etc.), the user must go to the Hive Signer page and explicitly authorize the action. SoMee can NEVER do these actions for the user.

You can access Hive Signer information here:

ERC-20 Wallets

ERC-20 Ethereum Wallets

ERC-20 Wallets

In the past, SoMee had issued ERC-20 wallets to users as we were a fork of Steem. We issued the wallet to the user, sent the user the keys, passed the phrase to their email address, and locked the wallet on the user's account -- users could even download a PDF with their keys. SoMee had no access to this wallet, no one in customer service, no one on the development team. No one outside of the user had access to the wallet. All functions had to be approved by the user and confirmed in the SoMee wallet by logging INTO their wallet.

SoMee didn't have access to the funds within the user's ERC-20 wallet and has never stolen any funds from users on any wallet service. Why? Because it would require a) the user to approve such transfers and b) would be impossible, as we don't have the keys, and c) of course, it's just flatly wrong to do so.

Accessing Funds

Even when SoMee took the main SoMee blockchain offline and down during maintenance cycles, the users have always had access to their ERC-20 wallets. Why? Because they could always add them to MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, or any other ERC-20 compatible wallet service. The ONLY thing the users didn't have access to was the GFUEL/SOMEE POINTS on the INTERNAL chain because those were sub-cryptos hosted on the internal blockchain.

They were not real cryptocurrencies - and thus, when SoMee took the main blockchain offline, the snapshot was made that allowed us to see the balance of all of the users GFUEL/SOMEE POINTS, so that when we transferred over to HIVE ENGINE, we could pay out the users in STAKED SME and UNSTAKED SME.

Fund Transfers, Conversions, Swaps, etc., are all done with the user's permission and must be a Web3 request - SoMee has no way of controlling this.

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