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Beta Rules

So, what do you do in order to get into the beta?
Only one entry per person
Share as much as you want on social media
Up to 4 entries per IP address allowed
No SPAM entries
No GHOST emails
Don't flood partner sites
Top 20 people per day get invited
Autosurf traffic is not allowed and will block the user.
Only 4 email referrals from the same IP.
A referral from the same IP or browser is not allowed.
If a sharing-link has more than 2 IPs that have 2 or more referrals each, the link owner will be blocked.
Sharing-links from a blocked subscribed will not allow further email subscriptions.
Open to New and Current Members
NOTE: Points are rewarded when your link is CLICKED on. 
This simply means that if you share to facebook, and no one clicks on it, you won't get any points for it. people must actually CLICK on your link in order for you to get any points on the system. For example, to share to Facebook, you get 5 points for every click, and 10 points for everyone who signs up, for a total of 15 points. 

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