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Public Feed Updates

August 27, 2022

On 8/27/2022, SoMee pushed an update that did the following:

  • Added public profiles to the news feed for everyone on the platform
  • Modified the basic settings for old and new posts for all non-public profiles to be private
  • Added a unique setting in settings -> privacy settings to turn off the public feed

You should be aware of how this affects you:

All existing public posts:

If your posts were public PRIOR, but your profile is NOT fully public, 'set to Everyone or All in privacy settings, then somee set your posts as private with this update. Meaning they will not appear for anyone but your followers to see.

If your posts were public PRIOR, and your profile was public PRIOR, then nothing changed, your posts are still shared, and new posts will remain public.

New Posts

For every new post created, your post is public if your timeline preference is set to 'Everyone' or 'All' (meaning you are fully public).

However, if it's not set to this, then your post is private.

Updating Settings

If you set the above option to 'Yes,' then all public users with public posts will also appear in your feed, along with your followers/following posts.

If you set the above option to 'No,' then all public users with public posts WILL NOT appear in your feed, and your feed will consist of your posts, group/company/follower/following posts.

Additional Features being Added

We are also going to add the following features:

  • When visiting a public profile's profile, you can have the ability to 'Block' them so that they are not appearing in your feed. This will keep the public posts on your feed but hide specific users from being on it, even if they are public.
  • You can hide all publicly made posts that you made at any time with a single button click in your privacy settings.
  • Being able to change your posting preference from automatic (like it is now) to what you specify:
    • Public: the post will appear on the public feed
    • Followers: the post will appear only for people who follow you
    • Private: the post will appear only for people who follow you that you have approved
    • Only Me: the post will appear only for you

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