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Open Beta Invites

May 8, 2021

On 5/8/2021 we began inviting everyone who was on the Waitlist (about 4,000 users) into the Open Beta.

What this means?

Each user who was on the waitlist and did not have an account, had an account created, and received TWO emails:

  • Confirmation Email: This email contains a link that will activate the account and enable it for login. You must CLICK on this link FIRST or you won't be able to log in
  • Invite Email: This email contains your PASSWORD that was generated during automated account creation. Once you have CONFIRMED your account with the first email, you can use this password to log in.

This also means that EXISTING USERS who already had an account did receive the Invite email as well. This is just a friendly reminder that they do have access to the beta.

What if you don't have access?

So, we know that the process for Beta can be a confusing one, so here are some tips:

  • User not found: You didn't click on the CONFIRMATION email and the link inside to ACTIVATE your account. Please do so. Once you do that, your account will be enabled.
  • Existing User got Invite Email: This is intentional - if you already have logged into, you can ignore this email; if you haven't yet, go ahead and log in or use the forgot password to reset your account so you can log in

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