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November 2021 AMA

November 28, 2021

This month's AMA was more about information, development and Marketing than anything else - we promised to show you more about what was being done with marketing, and the decisions behind the development cycle. And, I believe we delivered on that promise today.

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We are going to switch away from using Zoho Showtime for the AMA's going forward - it's just not as user-friendly as we would like.

We will also be hosting the AMA on Dec 30th at 10:30am PST instead of on the 25th (as it's Christmas, and we don't wish to force our Christmas celebrating employees to work when it's not required).

I will post and update the link on the site once the new service is online 🙂

2 comments on “November 2021 AMA”

  1. It Is looks Good and we Hope it will be fruit full for every user we have high hopes from somee.
    I have 1 question as was working on somee since almost from the beginning till they want off for up grade change it is still in the process they took huge time but we are waiting for onboard but we have worries about past earning which are still there so kindly can you explain about pending thanks.

    1. You GFUEL and POINTS will be paid out once you link your hive account with somee. GFUEL gets paid out in staked SME, and POINTS gets paid out in unstaked SME. We don't control anything you had in your actuall ERC-20 wallet, that you still have access to.

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