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New Discord Community

October 26, 2020

Good Morning all you SoMeeians! I wanted to formally announce the creation of our very own Discord Community (this isn't a group, it's a real community) - we took this step because the crypto community, as a whole, is actually split between telegram and discord (almost 50/50 these days), and wanted to provide a secondary avenue to provide information in a live format to all of our users. Plus, with the issues we've been having with some bots, and problems w/ the telgram channels in general, we wanted a more reliable way to host a community.

Everyone is welcome to join, you can join by clicking on the following link:

Once you join, you will be put into the #rules channel, you can then click on the #verify channel and react the message to verify you are not a bot/spam user. That will give you access to the other channels in discord.

SPECIAL PERK: For those who are KYC verified, just send your permalink to one of the admins, and once we verify your status, we'll add that role to your account, and you'll get access to the voice channels as well.

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