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Mobile App Update 10/16/2020

October 16, 2020

New versions of the mobile app have been released and approved by both major app stores. Below are the changes for 10/16/2020:

  • FIX Wallet is taking a long time to load on mobile
  • FIX Fix 2factor loading on mobile
  • UPDATE Login and 2 Factor are different screens on mobile now
  • FIX Fix small cosmetic issue on groups on mobile
  • FIX Update Wallet password text as we have a separate 2FA screen now
  • HIDDEN Hide Scheduling post button.
  • FIX Update the text for Power Up to make it more clear
  • FIX No longer showing $ reward value incorrectly when clicking on a post from the wallet screen.
  • HIDDEN Hide Withdraw button - this can be done with any erc20 website, so not a priority to fix
  • FIX Birth Date Issue - Birthday will now show properly between mobile & web, and not adjust for timezone
  • FIX Adjusted Space between two post to be more natural
  • FIX Fixed cosmetic display issue on error message once company/group is created
  • FIX Login with 2fa is now working in IOS
  • FIX Changing profile pic on app is much easier now. No more Hypersensitive and screen movement when doing pictures
  • UPDATE KYC end point for managing documents
  • UPDATE Updated API Endpoints for various features and new SDK updates
  • FIX Search favorite coin functionality is now working
  • FIX Rewards display properly now on mobile & web (same pricing)
  • FIX Next button is now visible in verifying user
  • FIX Tokens icons now showing on prod
  • FIX Favorite coin showing object object issue (for % increase/decrease)
  • FIX KYC is no longer showing "Verified sign" and "Verify link" both
  • FIX iPhone11: icons are no longer touching the top bar of the phone

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