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Hive Signer Maintenance

March 29, 2022

Sometimes it may be necessary to sign back into Hive Signer manually, or you may have forgotten your password but still know your keys and need to update that pesky password.

You have a few choices:

Clear Logins

Your first option is to clear your login from SoMee -> Settings -> Blockchain and save. And then also remove your browser cache/cookies/website data.

This will remove any saved tokens, sessions, and device information from Hive Signer, including your password.

Sign Back In

The most straightforward approach is to clear your login on SoMee -> Settings -> Blockchain, and then click the SME Monetize this button again and sign back into hive signer.


You can visit on the same device you signed up with, to begin with and then sign in again:

Once you are on the hive signer site, you can press the Add another account button, which will let you sign back in 🙂

Enter the same information you had before (hive ID and active key), and press continue.

Hive Signer will then give you some options:

Use the same Hivesigner Password?

If you choose this option, you can keep the same password (not sure why you would, but you have that option).

Leave it unchecked

Enter in a new password and confirm it

Then you can press continue, and it'll sign you back in w/o issue.

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