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Hive Keychain Removed

June 23, 2022

SoMee Family,

It was brought to our attention by both Marketing and a few users that using the Hive Keychain to connect to your wallet is both cumbersome and can be misleading. In addition, users find it difficult to use and don't enjoy the process.

As that's the case, we have removed the option to use the Hive Keychain from the 'monetize this' or 'connect your account' popup you see when you are linking your account.

How does this affect current Hive Keychain Users?

For the most part, it doesn't - however, if you try to use hive keychain and it loses sync w/ your extension, or it requires you to re-link, you will not be able to do so. Other than that, though, you can continue using it.

Hive Signer as the Only Option?

Hive Signer is a faster way to access your accounts and is very secure. The data is never stored away from your sign-up device, and no one else can ever use the protected OAUTH token on your device, on your account - so it's not something someone can easily exploit. Plus, it's faster and easier to use. It just requires you to sign in from time to time.

Future Work:

We will be ADDING additional Hive connect options to your Blockchain Settings screen to re-enable Hive keychain and other wallet services. This will allow you to connect with more than just a hive signer.

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