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HIVE Keychain FAQ

November 2, 2021

I cannot link my account!

This is actually a fairly larger topic, but for the most part, ensure that:

  1. You are using the same HIVE id as you setup when you setup your HIVE account
  2. If using a Steem ID, make sure you know the id and password for that account
  3. Make sure you are using the active/owner/private password/key to register inside of Hive Keychain

If you have already added your account to Hive-Keychain, but cannot link it with SoMee:

SoMee isn't asking me to link my account?

Chances are, your browser or ISP or mobile device is caching information - instead of pulling the latest files from our servers. Usually, you just need to clear your website data, and cache, and if you have an Android/IOS, go to the app settings for Hive Keychain (in your Android App Settings) and clear data or clear cache. This will force KeyChain to actually pull the latest files from the server, and it will ask you for the hive ID

SoMee is saying that my ID is incorrect!

Actually, what we are saying is that the ID you entered doesn't match the ID that is in your hive keychain. The most common reason for this is that you have a Capital letter at the start of your HIVE id on somee, but not in keychain. Remember, it is case sensitive, so it must match EXACTLY what you have added in KeyChain

I can't post to the blockchain!

To post to the blockchain, you need to a) have a linked HIVE id b) have hive keychain installed and active, and c) have enough resource credits to post to the blockchain. So, if you have verified those three things, and you still cannot post, we have to ask:

  1. Do you have enough resource credits? You can verify that on - you can go there to see what your current_mana is vs how much it costs to comment. If your current mana is LESS than what it costs to comment, you cannot post/comment on the blockchain.
  2. Is your profile setting set to post to the bc? In order to post to the BC you need to go to and ensure you are telling somee to post to the bc. Look at your profile -> settings -> blockchain, and make sure it's turned on
  3. Are you getting a popup from Keychain when trying to post? If you are not, then you probably have confirmations turned off. Go to your settings for keychain and clear auto confirmations - you want to actually see the popups from keychain before you post, so you can find out what is going on.
  4. Did you add your posting key? Often people show screenshots stating that the posting key isn't there, so they cannot post. If you haven't added your posting key (or didn't use your active/ower/passowrd when setting up the keychain, you'll need to go to hive keychain -> settings -> keys and add your posting key. Can't post without that posting key.

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