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Frequently Asked Questions

Posts, Social Media, Blockchain, whatever - we'll do our best to answer. If you need support, email us at support@somee.social

General Questions

Is it available on my device?

Yes, the new version is compatible with all devices, including mobile web - you don't even need the app to use it!

Is it secure?

Yes, we are fully compliant with all major regulations, and routinely scan our backend and infrastcture for industry standard practices. 

How do you earn?

Simply post your content on SoMee social, and people will upvote/share, comment, etc. The more you get shared and upvoted, the more you earn.

Is it private?

The data you post on SoMee is your data, we don't retain it, or keep copyright to it. You can keep it, remove it, share it, do whatever you wish with it. Even hide it from people you don't want to see it.

Basics Questions

Who can I message?

You can message anyone on the SoMee platform - from posts, to private messaging, and coming soon, live chat!

How do I create a group?

You will be able to create a group once that feature is released by simply clicking on groups and then 'Create Group'.

What's an invite link?

An invite link is a link created by an influencer that allows you to gain access to SoMee.social. 

Who can see me ‘online’?

Only your friends/followers, and only if you put yourself as visisible to people. 

Can I add administrators?

Groups and Companies that are created can add administrators to manage the group/company, yes.

What can I use as my username?

You can use whatever you want for your username, and display name. In fact, you don't even have to use your name (but you will need it on your profile that only YOU can see).

Have further questions?

We'd be happy to help.


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Take a look at our videos on YouTube for how to use the site and service!

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SoMee Social

The new standard for social media - privacy, content control, and security - all yours, in one simple, easy to use platform. Plus, earn while you post, can't get better than that!
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