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June 15, 2021

SoMee's Felix


All: Thank you for patiently waiting. You can now migrate your ONG to SOMEE - you can read how to do this process here:

For those with experience, you can go ahead and go to and connect your MetaMask and do the transfer. REMEMBER This is a two-step process (all done on the same page). The first transaction is approval, 2nd the transaction is the migration. The GAS fees are nominal (usually about $2-$5) because of the approved nature of the transaction.

Please read the FAQ if you are not certain how these types of migrations work.

You can read how to do the Liquidity Pool on Prism's Medium post as well:

We will be releasing a detailed guide on Liquidity as well. NOTE: If you do not know what liquidity pools are, please read up on them, and DO NOT do any trades on them until you understand the risks.

You can read FAQ's about the migration here:

Direct buy link UniSwap V2:

Dextools Charts:

Will follow as soon as possible

$SAT Token Contract: - 0x28887c3E2e9E16cb9353490f4E820B26EF77860F
$SOMEE Token Contract: 0x65F9A292f1AEED5D755Aa2fD2Fb17AB2E9431447

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