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Delegation and Undelegation on HIVE/Engine

March 15, 2022

What is Delegation

You can delegate your SME power and HIVE power out to other users. At the moment, there is no direct benefit to doing this for you. However, it is a nice gesture to give new members, friends, family, and others more power, so they can earn more on the platforms.

Delegation happens pretty much right away - you can delegate whenever you wish.

How to Delegate

You can Delegate SME from (replace YOURHIVENAME with your Hive ID) - and then use the drop down under the SME Power to delegate to someone else:

From here, it will bring up the Delegation window:

Simply enter the amount you would like to Delegate (or use the slider) and the Hive ID of the person you would like to delegate to. After that's done, you can press the Delegate button. Once it is confirmed on the blockchain, the tokens are delegated out to the user.

Note, the token/power never leaves your wallet you simply are delegating it out to someone else to use.


To undelegate, head over to TribalDex and log into your wallet:

Then click the Wallet icon at the top

Then press the Undelegate Button. This will bring up the undelegate screen:

Simply press the Red X from who you would like to Undelegate from. This will fill out the rest of the form:

You can then press the Undelegate button and it will submit it to the blockchain.

NOTE: Undelegations immediately is removed from use by the received party; however, they will not be available in your wallet for 7 days. This is to prevent abuse on the network and avoid situations where users would just delegate, continue to vote, undelegate, and vote again, thus artificially increasing the value of tokens on the network.


It is on our timeline to add Undelegate and Delegate to your SoMee wallet, so you can do it from there, without having to leave your own wallet on the site. This article will be updated once that is done.

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