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Creating a HIVE Account

October 31, 2021

In order to monetize on you need to have access to one of our supported chains. The very FIRST blockchain that we have implemented is HIVE. So, let's discuss how you create an account on HIVE.

What is HIVE?

HIVE is one of the best-monetized blockchains in the world. It's stable, mature, and easy to use. Plus, it has a DAO, which allows the community to decide what goes on with HIVE - which is even better.

Why does HIVE require you to create an account yourself?

HIVE wants to make sure that everyone has absolute control over their account - so they require users to create their OWN accounts rather than have a service preemptively create accounts on behalf of potential users. This usually means that you either go the paid route or the free route to create your account. Depending on how you create your account, you'll usually start with some mana, so you can post, vote, etc without having to worry about not having the staked resources to do so.

Should I pay?

The FREE options can take a while to create an account. Accounts on the HIVE blockchain are provided by community members. Free accounts depend on donations. That's why often the HIVE Onboard is unavailable, and you have to use another service to create your account. For Ecency, for example, the process can take 2 minutes to up to 48 hours to receive your HIVE credentials, assuming their service is online and they have enough creation tokens to do it.

Free accounts are at the mercy of the provider.

Paid accounts, however, will require 3 HIVE to create your account (at the time of this writing, that's about $2.87 USD), but once created are available to you as per their creation process.

How to create the account?

Simply visit:

You will then see various options to create your account. The most common is:


You usually would try them in that order. If the Onboarding isn't working, try Ecency - It's a great way to create your account, and several people in SoMee have done that already. Remember, with Ecency, you do have to wait for that 2nd email to arrive with your username and password for HIVE keychain.

The Paid options are:

These will allow you to create an account INSTANTLY with an approved purchase method.

Adding your account to HIVE keychain:

You can visit our tutorial at:

You can also visit our step by step tutorial (graciously provided by the community) here:

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