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COMMUNITY - Step by Step Instructions for HIVE Monetization

November 3, 2021

Written by @SoMee_Love (Telegram) - Moderated by @MarPhil_LLC, CTO SoMee Social

Step-by-step instructions for registering with Hive, linking your Hive Signer and SoMee account:

  1. Go to website.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the "Join" button.
  3. Find "Ecency" and click "Register".
  4. Come up with a name (it shouldn't be too long (16 characters or shorter)).
  5. Enter your email address and click "Continue" (If a message about a low IP level appears, it is recommended to install the application on your mobile phone "TunnelBear" or a browser extension and register thereby entering your name and email address, which will need to be confirmed, if you have a low IP again, try switching to other countries in TunnelBear and reconnect from home Wi-Fi Internet to mobile Internet, this should work).
  6. After successful registration, the first email from Ecency will be sent to your email address specified during registration. We go there and confirm by clicking on the link below. After 2 minutes to 48 hours (or more), you will receive a second message. In it you will see your hive username and password.
  7. Before linking your "SoMee" account to your Hive account, I recommend clearing cookies and your browser cache
  8. After deleting cookies and cache, open the Hive Keychain browser extension, paste the copied password and click "LOG IN".
  9. Open the website of and log in to your personal account
  10. Once logged in, click on the Monetize this checkbox
  11. Click Hive Signer
  12. Enter in the name you created in step 4
  13. Click Continue
  14. Enter in the Active Key (the password you were sent in email)
  15. Click Continue & Create a password

NOTE: This will store this information within your local browser (device), as an encrypted segment. Your key is ONLY recoverable from the email you were sent, or from the Ecency website after you log in and set your recovery options. IF YOU ARE EXPIRED, you need to authenticate on the same devices you configured hive signer on. If you use a DIFFERENT device, you'll have to enter the Active Key again

  1. Click continue, and it'll return to SoMee
  2. You are Now CONNECTED

From here, you can use your Hive wallet with SoMee w/o any issue. There's no need to install any extensions, and mobile apps, nothing. Because the system has the authorization to talk on your behalf to the HIVE blockchain ON YOUR account, only on THAT site, you don't have to keep authenticating every action you do.

HOWEVER: You will have to log in once per week (for now). This will ensure the safety of your account.

Hive Keychain & Mobile Devices

Accessing, and TribalDex will require you to use Hive Keychain. In order to do that, you need to download and install the Hive Keychain extension. You can do that in the app store on your mobile device, or via

Hive Keychain Mobile

Now we need to install the mobile app.

  1. Open the Play Market/Apple Store. In the input field, enter Hive keychain. Download and install it
  2. Open and click "Existing account"
  3. We come up with a six-digit PIN code and memorize it, then confirm it
  4. Enter your username and password in the appropriate fields. Click "IMPORT"
  5. Click on the three dots at the top and go to the browser
  6. In the input line, write and go to the website
  7. Log in to your account. In the window that appears, enter your Hive user ID and click "Connect", then "CONFIRM" and "OK".

Special Notes

After all the manipulations, I strongly recommend that you save the username and password received to your email separately on a USB drive/external hard drive, then delete the messages from the email and empty the message basket.

Note. You can add multiple Hive accounts to Hive Signer and the Hive Keychain browser extension for a computer, as well as for a mobile phone application. For the computer, you need to click on the triangle icon next to your name and click "ADD A NEW account". On the mobile phone, click on the three dots, then click "ADD account" Next, follow all the same step-by-step instructions.

For Hive Signer, just visit on the device you linked your account with.

7 comments on “COMMUNITY - Step by Step Instructions for HIVE Monetization”

  1. Hello,

    It is my second comment and I don't mean to spam it. I am not able to perform 18th step to link my somee profile with hive account. As per the instruction (In the window that appears, enter the saved hive ID (it must match the name in the Hive Keychain browser extension) and click "Connect"), I don't see a pop up window or where I can enter hive ID.

  2. We recommend you use Hive Signer option instead of Hive Keychain option. When clicking on the 'Monetize this' checkbox, just chose hive signer, enter your ID, and then login to hive signer with your ID and active key, and done. Nothing more need be done.

  3. Hello and Good Morning I have a problem in monetizing before my Posts were monetized but not what was the reason I don't know kindly explain if possible Guide me I will great Posts is open sea is youtube.

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