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Here's what we have released to date, and what is working in the open beta:

25/March (Released)

  • Youtube support
  • Logged user profile
  • Image preview
  • Comments (with gif, url preview, youtube and emoji)
  • Search bar
  • Aync notifications
  • Error handling page
  • Improve post image sizing
  • Post reporting

30/April (Released 5/5)

  • Search results page
  • Users profiles with followers system
  • Single post page
  • Notifications page
  • 3 Columns feed
  • Open Beta Process

Non-Functional Items:

  • Text Chat (Pending - base implementation (backend only))
  • Company/Groups/Photo Album Pages (but not functionality)

Note, dates below are subject to change based on technology requirements

Phillip, CTO

16/May (Pending)

  • Text Chat (Secure)

28/May (Active Development)

  • Groups/Companies/Photos pages
  • Video calls
  • Short clips
  • Add support to pictures on comments (From previous)

What is it?

SoMee has been in development beta for about 3 months, and we kept our old site online, and NEW BETA site online for about a month - now it's time to move to an Open Beta so everyone can try and experience the new social media experience we are cooking up

When is it?

We will be releasing this to today, 5/5/2021!

You don't need to do anything special to access it, just go to the website, sign in with your SoMee account, and you should be good.

  • Update 5/6/2021 at 3:07 PM PST: We have fixed the sign up flow for new users on the platform. New users can now sign in!
  • Update 5/5/2021 at 6:23pm PST: We have noticed that NEW users cannot sign up, and have identified a bug in how that process worked. Devs are working on fixing it.
  • Update 5/5/2021 at 5:57pm PST: We have released to open beta!
  • Update 5/5/2021 at 307pm PST: We are very close to releasing, just doing QA testing!

Who has Access

Everyone! Here's the imporant part tho:

  • If you have an existing SoMee social account prior to 3/1/2021, then you have access to the beta without having to re-register
  • If you created your account AFTER 3/1/2021, chances are you will need to register on to gain access

Why? Because we didn't migrate the users between 3/1 to 5/5 over to the new app yet. We'll do that at the end of the month!

How do I access if i'm a new user?

If you have never had a SoMee acocunt before, or created your account after 3/1/2021, then you will simply need to do the following:

  1. Visit
  2. Click Sign Up
  3. Enter your information on the sign up page
  4. Read the popup that welcomes you to the Open Beta

Then you can check your email which should (in about 2-5 minutes) contain two emails:

  • Confirmation email: Used to verify your email and validate your account
  • Beta Invite: Contains your password to login to the beta.

Simply confirm your account, and use the password you were sent to login. Simple as that.

Come the 28 May Update, we'll update the login/sign up flow to be more stramlined.

Mobile Update

Keep in mind the following:

  1. This open beta is mainly for web (which you can use on your mobile devices w/o issue)
  2. The Android will be updated, but we are not officially calling the android an open beta
  3. The IOS probably won't be ready until end of May due to Apple's restrictions on beta apps

SO again, this open beta on is mainly for just accessing our site on the WEB - which you can again do on deskop and mobile w/o issue.

If you use IOS, you can still access the beta on on your web browser there is barely any diffrerence between the app version and the mobile site version!

CardStarter and GenShards in collaboration with will be launching an IDO to support the release of SAT, SoMee Advertising Token that users will be able to purchase at $.005 during the IDO. All SAT will be distributed immediately upon purchase yet locked until a UniSwap release is launched 30 days after the IDO. Until then, the only way to get more SAT will be by staking the SoMee ONG token via a special yield farming contract.

NOTE: We will post the authorized contract address for SAT and SAT Yield Farming on our official channels. Please be cautious of imposters and scams and always verify the authorized contract address.

IDO proceeds will go to support a SoMee integration onto the Cardano blockchain and a custom CardStarter IDO integration that SoMee will release in the SoMee app and web platform once complete.

“SoMee is honored to be selected for and participate in the CardStarter Acceleration (CAP) Program. The CAP program is the first and only insured project accelerator for Cardano that protects donors against project failure, so the fact that our community has that extra assurance is significant.

– Christopher Kramer, President & CEO — SoMee

Cardano Blockchain Integration

The Cardano custom blockchain integration will provide the SoMee Community with many benefits, including reduced gas fees, unique meta data features that will improve privacy, data control and allow users to leverage that control (and SAT) toward monetization of specific data points in SoMee’s Ad-Share system.


Ad-Share allows brands to purchase SAT, then advertise and target during a campaign using geographic and demographic targeting methods as they normally would, yet also allows advertisers to enable a setting whereby their target audience can target them back.

Users who choose to participate can share custom data points that bring significant value to brands and advertisers that will maximize the success during an advertising campaign. The entire system runs on SAT which will drive value to all participants of the Ad-Share system that includes brands, end users and influencers.

CardStarter Bridge

Once the Cardano integration is complete (and after the Alonzo fork goes live) an ADA token contract will be released separately for the existing SAT token that will be auto bridged to the Cardano mainnet utilizing the CardStarter’s bridge feature.

Existing holders of SoMee Points will receive a portion of their bonus in SAT and will have the option to liquidity mine if they want more prior to the UniSwap release.

SAT Elite

Those who choose to continue to accumulate and “stack SATs” beyond the UniSwap release will have the opportunity to participate in the SAT ELITE PROGRAM, which will include special brand campaign interactions that incorporate higher levels of monetization and special perks during brand interaction. As more brand advertisers enter the SoMee ecosystem we expect the SAT Elite program to grow in popularity for both users and brands.

CardStarter IDO Integration

The custom CardStarter IDO integration on SoMee once completed will allow SoMee to advertise CardStarter’s future IDOs directly from within the app and allow users who choose to interact with crypto based ad content to participate and choose to boost the IDO campaigns they want to support.

“A partnership with SoMee is the right step in our mission to increase public engagement with early stage Cardano innovators. The scalability and agility of the Cardano network will power SoMee’s social media hub thus increasing user adoption and engagement for both parties. Through CardStarter, SoMee will be well poised to assume the first mover role of bringing social media connectivity to the Cardano ecosystem.” — Aatash Amir, CEO CardStarter.

About CardStarter

CardStarter is the first Incubator, Launchpad and Insurance program for projects being built on the Cardano network. The CARDS platform is a unique and dynamic launchpad, connecting projects to early investors and a network of key partners. The Cards Accelerator Program (CAP) team works with each project individually to establish the right connections and map marketing strategies, establishing the foundation for long term success.

CardStarter is also differentiated by its charge to protect its supporters. CARDS provides unbiased third-party audits of every project’s code and protects IDO participants’ investments with an in-house insurance program. CardStarter is proudly partnered with X21 Digital, BlockSync Ventures, Moonwhale VenturesGenesis ShardsPlethoriFractalPARSIQ, Scryptic Tech, Orion Protocol and Longtail Financial. Once fully built, CardStarter will be an all-inclusive platform with a decentralized exchange to complement the current offerings. CardStarter also aims to be a nurturing force in the Cardano ecosystem, with hackathons and project development support being a major focus of the roadmap.

Visit our Website || Join our Telegram || Follow us on Twitter|| Read our Blog

About SoMee

SoMee Social is a platform that prioritizes user privacy and autonomy. Strong incentives are built in to encourage user interactions and quality content with the goal of cultivating a cohesive community building. SoMee Social provides several avenues for earning rewards, starting with content monetization, and reward earning options for active participation in the community or for sharing your data if you choose to do so. SoMee Social is a blockchain based platform governed by the existing $ONG token and an advertising system powered by the $SAT token. The SoMee.Social platform is developed by SoMee Global Inc. and recently announced incorporation of Social DeFi and Social NFT into the platform.

Website || Blog || Telegram || Twitter

SoMee Platform Tokenomics

After the release of the $SAT — SoMee Advertising Token there will be a release of another token to be announced (TBA) that will now support all content & curation rewards. To clear up any confusion let me explain how it will work.

The previous beta platform paid content and curation rewards in a 3-way split - SoMee Points, G-Fuel and G-Bucks. The new system will no longer pay a 3-way split for content and curation rewards and will pay only in SoMee Points that can be immediately cashed out via our Skrill partnership for fiat of choice (USD, Euro, etc.), or loaded onto a debit card to spend in the real world.

Soon, the new content and curation token (TBA) that will be released is the ONLY token that will be used for powering up on the SoMee platform, but when powering down all payments by default will be made in SoMee Points that are immediately available for cash out Via Skrill.

NOTE: For those who cannot utilize Skrill or who want to cash out to the new “TBA” token we are looking into it to see if we can offer them a special, off site, smart contract that will handle this. We are investigating if this would impact our partnership with Skrill as there are strict requirements in place that allow SoMee to offer the immediate cash out to fiat option VIA Skrill that must be followed. We will keep you posted as we know more…

Our Promise: One of our core values is the value of “choice” and we want to add options that meet the needs, wants or desires of our community giving them the ability to do things how and in the method they want to and will always do our best to perform according to these core values.

$SAT will replace G-Bucks as the advertising based token, but will be the ONLY token used for advertisers to pay for their campaign. Also, influencers will need $SAT to participate in the $SAT Elite campaigns that offer higher monetization amounts and special perks. This will drive significant utility for $SAT and create more demand for “stacking SATs” as the platform expands advertising and increases the amount of influencers participating in these campaigns.

Payout to influencers and general users participating in the Ad-Share program who earn commission will by default be paid in SoMee Points that are immediately available for cashout VIA Skrill. For those who cannot utilize Skrill see the “NOTE” above and know we are looking at other options.

The Numbers

Total Supply    1,000,000,000
Seed        205,845,31221%
Private          23,450,7322%
IDO          47,135,9715%
CS Portfolio          10,000,0001.0%
Liquidity          23,567,9852%
Team          40,000,0004%
ONG LP Rewards        600,000,00060%
Dev Fund          50,000,0005%

What about ONG?

The SoMee “ONG” token is here to stay and among other things will be used as governance, staking and future yield farming. ONG is an acronym for our parent corporation, OneName Global, so will remain as a long standing reminder of how this initial token connected our our mission of achieving more together. With that said, we plan to continue to always incorporate new utility, governance and use cases for our “OG”, ONG token 😉

Well, it was another awesome AMA - we had Chris Kramer, who is our CEO; myself, Phillip as the CTO and AC, the Cat as Marketing guy answering questions from the members. We even had a member come up for a few minutes to discuss his question. Thank you Jatin! We love when our community members ask us questions!

This month was a major update month (in fact, on the 30th, we are updating 9 parts of the application at once!) Such a major update has many talking points, so let's get to them!

Major Talking Points

  1. Mobile Apps: We have released our beta app to the Google Play store, but not to Apple IOS store - Apple rejected the beta app. This is to be expected though, as apple doesn't allow non complete apps to be listed on the production IOS Store. So, we are going to most likely release the IOS app after the end of NEXT month, and let the test flight still work for testers.
  2. Private Messaging: We are introducing personal, private messaging on the platform on the 30th. This update will include the ability to send messages directly to another user (very simply), and it be encrypted end, to end, and secured in the database. If you wish to remove the chat, the data is gone. Simple as that. We are adding the ability to start a Video Session from a text chat, as well as adding the ability for group text chats later on as well.
  3. Video Capabilities: Video capabilities are coming in the May 28th update - which includes all of the main video functions you all have been asking for:
    1. Live Video: Able to do live video streams right from the news feed
    2. Video Conferencing: Able to do live video GROUP chats!
    3. Video Snaps: Able to do small video format videos from the news feed
    4. Video Filters/Audio Filters: Able to have audio/video filters applied to your chats. By default, we have over 48 default video filters, and 15 audio filters out the door. We also have the ability to add custom SOMEE branded things as well!
    5. Upload Videos: And, we'll support the ability to upload videos to play on the platform as well!
  4. Partnership Announcement: We are proud to announce a partnership between SoMee, Genesis Shards, and Card Starter! This new partnership will allow for an IDO for our new SAT token - which can be earned initially after the IDO by staking ONG for the new token. This partnership is also the prelude to our new blockchain updates, as well as our introduction to the Cardano spectrum of sidechains! What an exciting opportunity for SoMee! Such a great partnership! Initially, the offering of SAT will be at $0.005 during the IDO!
    1. IDO proceeds will go to support a SoMee integration onto the Cardano blockchain and a custom CardStarter IDO integration that SoMee will release in the SoMee app and web platform once it's completed.

Questions & Answers

  • Jose P: I take the oportunity yo congrats all the team for the great work they are doing. My question is… How do You see the proyect by the end of the year?
    • I think it's going to be, by the end of the year, to anticipate full marketing scale, end of next mondth (may) we baked in all the social media features, and released the apps and everything else. By May/June we have the blockchain and ad revenue. June/July is advertising. July/August is additional marketing and remarketing, and partner connections. August/September/October/November are partner and sidechain implementations and other project links, and December most of these things will be updated and ready by.
  • Kevin V: Has there been any breakthrough with regards to funding since the last AMA?
    • Yes; there are a lot of things happening on the funding side of the house - we have had major talks here with partners, and our round isn't closed yet. But, yes, we have some great funding requests coming in. This partnership with the AP program we announced raises quite a bit of capital for us as well.
  • Kevin V: Has there been any breakthrough with regards to funding since the last AMA?
    • Yes; there are a lot of things happening on the funding side of the house - we have had major talks here with partners, and our round isn't closed yet. But, yes, we have some great funding requests coming in. This partnership with the AP program we announced raises quite a bit of capital for us as well.
  • Madam AK: Great work team. It's all finally coming together. The AMA is always reassuring and showcases the efforts you guys are putting in and the upcoming exciting updates!
    • Woot, we love our community; thank you AK 🙂
  • Kevin V: With the open beta coming up May 3rd.. how are we thinking about supporting adoption of for the open beta?
    • We have several connections with various celebrities and influencers in the community - Just wait until the marketing kicks off - even on open beta, honestly, we are not going to do anything major for marketing, we are just going to get people using the app showing what it can do. Once everything is baked in with blockchain, then we can do the marketing.
  • Ian W: Staking ong guarantees to you to buy SAT in the IDO?
    • No, it's just that you can buy it like everyone else at 0.005 for the IDO release; once the IDO is over, you can stake IDO to a yeild farm contract to get more SAT
  • AweSoMee Facts: If the SAT token will replace Gbucks. What will happend to our current gbucks holdings?
    • You will receive the SAT in place of your gBucks - in addition folks who chose to double down on their points, will receive a portion of SAT as well in there, and get another token as well that will be able to interact for power up for content and voting power. This way, you have all the pieces in the new ecosystem.
  • Tim U: Why Cardano network? It's not a functional with smart contract yet?
    • Cardano is not fully functional with smart contracts; but they are working with PLUTS right now, and they ahve 5 developemnt teams working on it. They are doing the hard work that it takes to prepare anything. Plus, with the cardano network as a side chain, it's just a great network to have the integration with. Having the IDO over there just makes sense for the metadata features, lower fees, and just faster transactions.
  • Cesar S: What's the progress on the catalyst fund 5 submission so that i can help you guys by using my big voting power? Also,can i ask how much money are you applying for?
    • Initially in fund 5 we lowered it to 75k - initially we asked for the full round because our goal was to lay out all 5 phases of our integration and we estimated it'd be about 300k for that integration. And through discussions with the team, and funders, we went ahead and said let's lower it and work on it per phase. So the fund 5, see here:
  • Inigo L: When IDO details?
    • In the next 1 to 2 weeks
  • Cesar S: Is ONG staying on as Somee official Token?
    • oNG is like our OG token - it's our original token, it'll always be around, and always have it's uses. And, we'll always keep it around and have a special purpose and use for it. While the new SOMEE token may be different, ONG will still exist.
  • SoMee Says: Are there other exchanges that will be added for us to purchase ONG on or what exists at the moment is how will it will remain for the forseeable future?
    • We always have people approaching us having us to list on their exchanges; we haven't really considered anything major, but we may going forward. Plus our bridges to other networks are in development as well.
  • Stuart M: When staking ong do you keep your ong or will it be burned?
    • ONG -> ADA will burn ONG
  • Vitlus V: Is ONG moving to Cardano as well? Will it stay on DEXes if that is the case?
    • If you swap to ADA, it'll burn the ERC token and mint and back and forth.
  • Kevin V: Great news with respect to the IDO with Cardstarter, and the ONG/SAT yieldfarming - Cardstarter launches are getting quite a bit of attention from from the market. What is the timeline for the IDO and Yieldfarmingcontract?
    • It's basically right around the corner. On 4/28 they are announcing it; and the sale will open around 5/3 or 5/4. So it's literally right around the corner for the IDO
  • Vitlus V: What is the total supply from the new SAT token?
    • It's 1 Billion max supply
  • Zachary S: Since we have Ong and SAT, there will be a 3rd/main token tied to gfuel correct? Will that be released after SAT, or around the same time?
    • It is right around the corner and May/June is our BC development month. Once we are ready, you'll get all the details.
  • Madam AK: When will the 'Affects' launch which you just displayed?
    • It's in our design phase at the moment, so probably 3-6 months.
  • Madam AK: When will the 3x and 2x rewards be distributed and when will the blockchain be added?
    • May and June are our BC development months.
  • Jatin C: is there any update on the tokenomics? by when can we expect to have the total supply and initial circulating supply?
    • We will be releasing tokenomic information coming in May/June as we develope the new BC services
  • Tim U: If ppl are gaining SATs for more likes, it creates an inflationary ecosystem, can you speak about the tokens plan with regards to inflationary/deflationary tokenomics?
    • That's a different token; SAT isn't for that. Points are what we award for likes and such.
  • Roj O: There was talk about NFTs a while back, will SoMee be launching it's own NFT marketplace on Cardano?
  • Alexander U: excellent team work, what alternatives have you thought about the limitation of venezuela with Skrill?
    • We are working with partners to allow for restricted countries to still be able to use it as well - we don't have any additional information on this right now, but we are working on it.
  • Tomer S: More of a request than a question. Can you put important information in the SoMee announcements telegram group? Partnerships and basically anything that is cool. It will help me to keep in track of what's going on.
    • We'll try to post it there - usually we announce it on our dev blog 🙂
  • Tomer S: Can u link to your proposal? I have ADA?
  • Ian W: what's happening may 7? seen it passing by in telegram
    • May 7 was originally the date that the card starter IDO was going to start, however that's being announced 4/28 and 5/3 for the IDO
  • Roj O: Oh yeah, is Somee still intending to integrate charity donations?
    • Yes, indeed we are! We are working on the ability for you to send or transfer crypto to charities in the future!

Other comments from the Q&A:

  • Alastair M: Great AMA guys. See you next time!
  • Inigo L: Adding intelectual property functionalite to NFTs
    could be great

Chat Transcript

SoMee SaysPhillip Daddy!10:48 AM
Roj OHI Phillip 🙂10:48 AM
AweSoMee FactsPhillip, the person i've missed.
yes we hear
10:48 AM
Tim UI hear you10:48 AM
Madam AKYeap10:48 AM
Nick DHi Phillip10:48 AM
Madam AKHi Phillip bri10:48 AM
AweSoMee Factsawesomee10:49 AM
Tim UGreat, ready to hear whats coming!10:49 AM
Nick DGreat10:49 AM
Roj OSurviving 10:49 AM
Aaronit says yet to begin broadcast so I can't speak.10:49 AM
Cesar SDoing great thanks 10:49 AM
Roj OSo how are you?10:50 AM
Jose PHello ✌️✌️✌️10:50 AM
simon sHello all! And good to hear you Phillip. Hope eveyones well. 🙂10:51 AM
Madam AKStill wanna know the hangman answer!!!!! 😀10:51 AM
Jose PThat hangman it's hard 🤣10:52 AM
daniel mMade it10:52 AM
Yury MHello Phillip!😊10:52 AM
Anthony KHey10:52 AM
Jatin Chello phillip 10:52 AM
daniel mMissed you know you've been busy10:52 AM
Roj Oyeah those syphers were a blast10:52 AM
simon sYeah, nice butterflys10:53 AM
Roj Ospellin hahah10:53 AM
Jatin Cfantastic... 🙂 what about you10:53 AM
Cesar SHi Phillip, where where you at the last AMA?  🙂10:53 AM
Alastair MHi Everyone!10:53 AM
Anthony KDon't let the fud keep you away from telegram group Phillip, you rock10:54 AM
Cesar S
Ah ok fair enough buddy
10:54 AM
AweSoMee FactsBest part of AMA, Phillip or the big news announcement?  I would say equally much. lol10:54 AM
Anthony KI respect that✌🏼10:54 AM
STUART MHow big is the development team is now? 10:54 AM
Vitlus V40 or 14 didnt quite catch that10:55 AM
Jatin Cthat"s great10:55 AM
STUART M1410:55 AM
Vitlus VGrazias10:55 AM
Cesar SI think Chris will have to pay everyone a beer for being late  lol 10:55 AM
STUART MHave a night cap10:56 AM
Alastair MThe SoMee AMA's are nice and chilled! That's a good thing!10:57 AM
Cesar Si agree and like the idea of doing things differently10:58 AM
Vitlus VAaron was here 30 minutes ago, bit was unable to reach anyone...10:58 AM
Tim Uits social 😛 10:58 AM
daniel mAran was looking for you philip now we are looking for aron10:58 AM
AweSoMee FactsPhilip, are you the one handling the dev blog? 10:58 AM
STUART MYou can use the app 10:58 AM
Tim UI use brave 🙂 10:59 AM
SoMee SaysCan we order Phillip Daddy a Starbucks?11:00 AM
Crypto XSYoo11:00 AM
Tim Ulol no 11:00 AM
Roj OHay kids, don't forget we have a Discord group, I'm all alone over there 😉11:00 AM
STUART MHow many people are in the discord group11:00 AM
Eramus PDiscord link?11:01 AM
Tim Uya ill join discord too
if we can find the link
11:01 AM
Philliphttps://devs.somee.social11:02 AM
Tim Uawesome thx11:02 AM
simon sgroovy!11:02 AM
Cesar SAaron you will be paying us a beer man, you're late lol 🙂11:02 AM
Roj OHere's the discord invite link AM
Eramus PThank you Roj!11:03 AM
Alvaro AHellloooooo! Amazing project. Any way we can participate to win somee tokens!??11:03 AM
Glenn BBelgian beer ftw11:03 AM
Alvaro AAwesome11:04 AM
Mark PCan we get video of you guys ?11:05 AM
Ian Whear just fine11:05 AM
AweSoMee Factsyup11:05 AM
Madam AKYesss11:05 AM
Anthony KYep11:05 AM
Alastair Myes both11:05 AM
Cesar Syes11:05 AM
daniel mYes11:05 AM
Roj Oloud and clear11:05 AM
Eramus PSound is good11:05 AM
Jatin Cyeah11:05 AM
S TYeah11:05 AM
simon syes11:05 AM
Diego Myup!11:05 AM
Jose PYe11:05 AM
Eramus PMaypril!!!!11:06 AM
Bejo DWorks now. Had to close and open again11:06 AM
Alastair MLondon - very sunny11:06 AM
ahmad bwe demand to see AC's face11:11 AM
Ian Wuse a catfilter xD11:11 AM
Zachary SCamshy lulz11:11 AM
Lucian BScreenshots on android look dope! Looking forward to see it on IOs11:12 AM
Tim Unice feature 🔥 11:16 AM
Lucian BHuge UI improvement compared to the previous iteration11:17 AM
Inigo LTelegram has integrated voice chats, are you talking about that?11:20 AM
Jose PNicee11:20 AM
Udo KDo we get our existing G-Bucks from the old platform transfered into SAT?11:25 AM
Inigo LWhen IDO details?11:27 AM
Lucian BSo the new somee app will be on cardano?11:29 AM
Bejo DSo will there be an option to swap somee points to ong and sat or another token?11:35 AM
Tim UHaving your own in house
wallet or using metamask intigration?
cool! Thx
11:37 AM
Jose PLool 🤣11:40 AM
Cesar SPhillip you look good man lol 🙂11:40 AM
SoMee SDaddy Phillip you looked fine, Please come back!11:40 AM
Anna E.What usage will "old" ONG token have?11:42 AM
Jatin Cis there any update on the tokenomics? by when can we expect to have the total supply and initial circulating supply?11:47 AM
Tomer SHi, I missed the AMA. Just came. Could anyone sum up the announcements? 
11:50 AM
Chris AM
STUART MYou need to log in to see it 12:00 PM
Tomer SWe need to log in12:00 PM
Cesar SThanks  Chris,  12:00 PM
Phillipyes, but it's free to register 🙂12:00 PM
Tomer SThx
Can I enter the beta right now? Is it Open?
12:00 PM
Phillipit'lll be open beta on 5/312:02 PM
Cesar Slook can i DM you on twitter about this in case you dont get funded, possibly i'll be able to help?12:02 PM
Phillipsend us an email to business@somee.social12:03 PM
Cesar SCheers Phillip12:04 PM
Bejo DMaybe also interesting to know for everyone, especially non crypto people, to what will be earnings be pegged to when upvoting? Especially when there is ong, sat and other tokens. How to explain that to the mass?
Because then are probably again concerns about, where is it coming from?! Lol
12:12 PM
Inigo LAdding intelectual property functionalite to NFTs
 could be great
12:23 PM
Anna E.From what yor are saying I somehow understand that ONG will disapear... Why should we hodl it if advantages will be very limited?12:28 PM
ChrisONG is here to stay  😉  Not going anywhere12:30 PM
Roj OMagic!12:31 PM
simon sThanks guys, 12:31 PM
Jose PCya 12:31 PM
Udo KThank you for your hard work!12:31 PM
NOTEAll Chats are saved per session to ensure no missed questions or information is pased - and to ensure transparancy - Names are stripped of PII and handles are left in place. Bolded messages are from team membersDuration: 1 hour 42 minutes

Video Recording

You can see the video recording here, on our official SoMee YouTube channel:

Slide Deck

You can download our official slide deck below:

Well, it was another great AMA - this time, though, we didn't have our CEO with us, as he was busy meeting with investors! But it was great to be joined by 'The Cat' in this session. We also had a wonderful time actually SPEAKING to our audience (both Jatin and Ravi) came up to talk as well.

That's a format I want to keep as well - I'd love to physically hear form people near the end of the session (or even during) so that y'all can have more of an active voice in the project.

Major Talking Points

  1. We are still working on partnerships with several major companies; but we cannot release their names just yet. Most of us are still under MNDA's with these projects; so, until such a time as I can name them, I cannot.
  2. Side chains are going forward - meaning we'll be able to work with other blockchain companies and services
  3. Protocol work is going forward for Social Media protocols on blockchain
  4. We are still working on our game economy with our strategic partner (who we'll name soon!)
  5. We are still working on integrations with other services like LBRY to allow for cross posting of content into their systems.
  6. Tokenomics haven't been announced yet, we'll still honor the initial requests and form elections
  7. Blockchain information hasn't been released yet, may take 2-4 months of development to get that fully online
  8. Development team is still slated to go to Open Beta in April (not that may be near end of the month, just FYI)
  9. We'll do (currently) monthly releases for features, but I’m trying to talk to the team into every two-week releases
  10. Please provide all feedback and bug reports to or to our official telegram support group, so we can log all bugs on the beta platform
  11. Crypto Cards and FIAT is something we are working on and in talks with a provider for, so keep an eye out for that!
  12. Currently there is no plan for an IEO, but that may change
  13. Currently there is no plan for an Air Drop, but that may change
  14. Currently there is no plan to turn on the blockchain while the app is in the current closed beta state
  15. Currently we are working on friends/group and profiles for the beta app
  16. Currently the beta app is working across all platforms, some have minor bugs, but being fixed ASAP

Questions & Answers

  • Jatin C 10:18 AM
    Will the blockchain be online immediately after the token release.
    • Probably not immediately, but pretty soon thereafter, yes.
  • Ravi Ja 10:40 AM
    Is there any eta for tokenomics to be finalized
    • Not yet, it's about a 2-4 months process for this.
  • Ravi J 10:40 AM
    Will the ad share be integrated in the new token after or before the token release
    • After
  • Alastair M 10:42 AM
    Any news on the new Ticker for the utility token?
    • Not yet
  • Jatin C 10:33 AM
    Has the team decided whether there will be an ieo or token release in some other form?
    • We have not released any IEO/ICO plans at this time
  • Madam AK 10:45 AM
    Has the name of the new token been decided?
    • It has not
  • Ognjen S 10:34 AM
    Any news on possible on Cardano integration / migration?
    • I cannot say much more than we are working with Cardono, I cannot confirm any details as we are under MNDA 🙂
  • Ravi J 10:40 AM
    Is there any timeline for the token to be released because as per the roadmap, token release was scheduled in Feb
    • I don't have anything else other than we are going to do it in the next 2-4 months.
  • Ravi J 10:46 AM
    As per roadmap, April is Open Beta R/C. So, in April any number of people can join the beta not only limiting to 20 people?
    • That's correct, in open beta, everyone joins on SoMee Social
  • Simon S 10:47 AM
    Phillip, are you meeting up with BitBoy as he's in Las Vegas atm?
    • No, I am not at the moment due to my health concerns
  • Madam AK 10:48 AM
    When will we get the answer to the hangman?
    • Not until the tokenomics are announced
  • Ravi J 10:50 AM
    What is Social media measure and affiliate measure as per the roadmap
    • In regards to social media measures, that's going to be dealing with analytics and measuring the affiliate program is doing and going to be. When we start to market with the bigger influencers, then we'll have more measures and ramps.
  • Jatin C 10:52 AM
    So after studying tokenomics for 2-4 months. then you guys will work on it.??
    • We are working on it right now lol it just takes 2-4 months to implement
  • Eco R 10:45 AM
    I can so see you Phillip, AC and Chris as blockchain hero cards when SoMee is fully launched, that would be so cool 🙂
    • Well, that would certainly be interesting for the cat or Chris - lol not sure how well Phillip would fair up there as a card haha
  • Geoff M 10:54 AM
    Is there any tangible news you can share?
    • I can only share things that are not part of an NDA
  • Simon S 10:54 AM
    Oh yeah! Debit cards... Do you have anything to say about that?
    • It's coming, but I have no specifics on it right now!
  • Madam AK 10:54 AM
    Any updates on the SoMee card to use in shops/online?
    • Fiat and Debit cards are in talks with provider companies at this time.
  • Eco R 10:53 AM
    Will you be growing the Discord channel or are we sticking with telegram?
    • We will still be growing the discord channel - I haven't been on much of it of late because I’ve been super busy. I may get a community moderator running it to build it up more. Note, I prefer discord myself to telegram, as does 1/2 of the crypto community, that's why we have one there.
  • Alastair M 10:55 AM
    Are there likely to be any scaling issues when you open up the beta to everyone?
    • None - our hyperscale technology can handle literally millions of users at a time
  • The Shmoo 10:56 AM
    How many users do you anticipate for each quarter?
    • We can probably safely say about 3000 new users a day if not a week
  • Crypto X S10:59 AM
    Does the new app have dark mode?
    • Yes, it will have for both web and mobile
  • Eco R 11:00 AM
    I'm sure it was once said that video on SoMee could be integrated via the Lbry platform in some way, is that still the route or have you used something else?
    • We never said we'd only ever use LBRY; we'll do cross posting, using various services and side chain, and our own native video handling
  • SoMee Says 11:03 AM
    What is the plan for the Social Media Scheduling tool and will it still cost X $ amount each month to use it?
    • The dashboard, such as it is right now, will probably be discontinued, as it's an older dashboard - however, we do have plans to either revamp it, or build that into our existing platform. As to additional cost, perhaps for premium members.
  • AweSoMee Facts 11:16 AM
    Will there be a way for people under 18 to legally use somee later? i.e blocking them from earning on posts (if that is the problem)
    • We will hopefully, within the next 2 years, add a way for people to join the platform who are under the age of 18 and over the age of 13 (COPPA rules). However, this is a free speech social media platform where anything can be posted, even highly suggestive material. This makes it not that safe for minors. In the end, until we have content filtering put into place and working properly, we won't open it up for anyone under 18.
  • Simon S 11:18 AM
    will there ever be a 'trusted source' aspect within SoMee? What are your thoughts on entirely 'let it run' news and opinion? Are there any legal requirements with news?
    • We will be building in a news center, fact check center, and content moderation centers as well - including controversial and popular posts. This will allow for bias elimination and proper moderation of content on the platform. We don't wish to become the trust circle for information on our platform, the users who share the information should be considered the trust center; and the people who fact check that information should be considered the confirmation. It is NOT our place to dictate what IS or IS NOT true on any platform; we just give you the voice and platform to speak your mind.
  • Eco R 11:22 AM
    Early SoMee members have a huuuge amount of GBucks, which means that when GBucks are activated new people to SoMee could be easily out-gunned for some time to come. Will the use of GBucks to self-promote posts be regulated?? ie, a weekly use limit?
    • Yes, we'll probably have an initial limit on this to help prevent abuse, and to see how it affects the platform as a whole.
  • Madam AK 11:26 AM
    Not a question but just want to say well done for your efforts and being so approachable
    • We do try so hard to be there for our entire community. Thank for you for all you all do for us 😉
  • SoMee Says 11:27 AM
    Does AC Daddy consider himself a creator, employee or Holder of the Pennies?
    • he is a creator and employee
  • Eco R 11:27 AM
    What's for dinner?
    • Probably beef stew with crackers
  • Crypto XS 11:28 AM
    Are you guys hiring new Grads/interns?
    • We are always looking for talent; if you know someone, please have them forward their CV/Resume to
  • Madam AK 11:29 AM
    Tell us more about the Merch and the polling vote for gfuel/merch etc
    • We will probably put a NFT out for those who are winning in the wait list. But I have no additional details at this time.
  • Simon S 11:29 AM
    How are you guys personally 'bracing' yourself for the extreme scale that somee will do in a short while?
    • As a platform, we don't have much concerns; we can handle millions without an issue. But, as a company? It's always a concern to see us grow so fast; we are looking at bringing on a few more CS agents. We already do have a full CS support desk, help bot, and support center, so that helps a great deal.

Video Recording

You can see the video recording here, on our official SoMee YouTube channel:

You can also watch it here, on our events site:

Scan QR code or download from play store.

Slide Deck

You can download our official slide deck below:

AMA Resources

You can watch the official speed test of the old SoMee Social and the New One here:

First off, thank you for everyone who attended, and thanks for the entire SoMee community for the continued support. Our developers are working VERY LONG hours to get our roadmap implemented, and deliver the product we’ve been promising for so long.


It’s been a long time in the making, but our roadmap is finally read (at least for the foreseeable future).

SoMee Roadmap


Our roadmap outlines our current development processes, which are in high gear with 8+ developers, QA staff, testers, and project managers working actively on replicating all of the existing functionality of using our new interface. Our main focus here is making sure that we have a testable, workable beta available by probably 2/12/2020 and then our open betas in March of 2021.


Our marketing is a slow ramp from Jan all the way to our major launch in May (for now). Unless something major changes, this is how the marketing will work. We begin by doing small marketing campaigns with select influencers, pushing in more social media presence and advertising, then pushing in more affiliate advertising, and eventually culminating to market retargeting and full campaign pushes come May 2021.

Questions & Answers from AMA

The below are all the questions & answers from the AMA from our various users and community members. We will do our best to answer them all; if something is missing, don’t hesitate to reach out in our main TG group, or to our support.

  • Ravi J 11:00 AMIs there any eta for tokenomics to be finalised
    • Not as of yet.
  • Nicolai O 10:48 AMAny news on the swop
    • Yes, but understand that ETH can get congested, so if it takes longer than a few hours, it may get stuck, and we end up having to refund you, in order for you to retry.
  • Ravi J 11:01 AMIf we cash out, after how many days of ieo will we receive the tokens
    • We don't have all the detail on the IEO just as of yet, but we will let everyone know once we make a decision in re to the IEO
  • Nicolai O 11:01 AMNo I mean the swopmee
    • Swaps already work, but with some situations causing them to get stuck, if they get stuck, just let us know!
  • AweSoMee Facts 10:40 AMWill we have to create new accounts and start from scratch on the new app or will all info and settings be imported?
    • No, all of your settings/accounts will be brought over to the new platform.
  • Madam AK 10:47 AMWill SoMee have their own card to earn and spend ong?
    • Our intention, and we've talked to partners that offer this, is to be able to integrate and offer this. But, at this time, we do not have this available.
  • Inigo L 10:50 AMGovernance throw ONG token would be really decentralized or governance with limits? Projects wich atract capital have real decentralized governance
    • Our goal is complete decentralization to the community of the governance of the project for monetization as well as social media.
  • Cesar S 11:04 AMAnd also when will we have a functioning Somee Social website where all about the project such as road map etc can be read? thank you guys , i'm so bullish on this project, i firmly believe in decentralized social media and you guys will make it.
    • We will release roadmap after this meeting
  • Cesar S 10:58 AMNew token release is it ONG and if so what impact will it have on wallets currently holding ONG being traded?
    • The new token, once released, will have a new ticker - more centralized to the platform. For all intents and purposes, you'll be rewarded with that, based on your held values.
  • Simon S 11:07 AMCould you perhaps speak a little on the idea of the IEO that has been spoken of?
    • Not at this time, we don't have full specifics to release in regards to IEO
  • Ravi J 11:00 AMAre we on track for ieo in March. R u going to conduct ieo after tokenomics is finalized?
    • If we release an IEO, then we would have to release that with the new token - so we'd have to have everything to go and in place, or about there. So we are still working through it, but we don't know 100% if we'll do an IEO with this (even if it is our intention), but we are not 100% sure as of yet.
  • Simon S 11:01 AMWill there be an ability to upload a 30 minute video, or is it just going to be short 30 second type tick-tok?
    • Yes
  • Inigo L 11:02 AMWhat plans for integrating defi tools? Wich tools? Trade OTC?
    • So for DEFI, we do have a plan - and we have it fleshed out, and once we are more decentralized, we want to add more DEFI elements - but i don't have any specifics to release to anyone just yet.
  • Philipp M 11:04 AMwill it be possible to swap the new token directly into G-Fuel? and how long will it take to swap back?
    • So, yes, you will be able to swap to the new token, just like you could with ONG, and the swap process still will work about the same.
  • Joshua B 11:05 AMRegarding the roadmap, when will we see the first wave of influencers bringing people to the platform?
    • They are already bringing people to the platform as per the small marketing campaigns in the yellow section on the map.
  • Alexander U 11:13 AMhey friends you think that the new token its going out the price will be high or low? thanks guys
    • We cannot guarantee the price of any utility token when released.
  • Joshua B 11:09 AMWhat will happen to existing ONG tokens on metamask wallets when you release the new token?
    • We don't control those other wallets, and anything OFF the platform - so whatever you wish to do with those tokens is entirely up to you. if you wish to transfer it BACK to the platform, and swap to the new token, that's your decision.
  • Crypto XS 11:12 AMAdshare in June, any plans for a beta or a first look?
    • yes, we will have a beta access in beta, with some key partners, and with select groups here on SoMee.
  • Alexander U 11:16 AMWhat can be an estimate at the price of the new token?
    • We cannot guarantee the price of any utility token when released.
  • Daniel M 11:15 AMwill new token be 1 to 1 with points cashing out or will they be a different ratio
    • We will keep the same ratio, 1:1 - however, when we switch to governance, it won't be 1:1 and we'll give 90 days notice to the community on that.
  • Warlie D 11:16 AMWill the vide feature for short videos like in Tik Tok or for lengthy ones? Thank you.
    • Short and long, and live streaming
  • Cesar S 11:17 AMA little bird told me that Somee might be considering doing something with Cardano , is it true or the bird ate poisoned grains? lol
    • We are obviously already looking for bigger ecosystem providers, like Cardano that have developed decentralized tools - we are in talks with them about what they can offer to us, but we have no specifics to confirm at this time.
  • Tomer S 11:16 AMCan you make a better way to filter spam or get priority notifications?
    • Yes! and it's being done in the new release
  • Cesar S 11:18 AMYay man, that would be amazing if you did. i have been with them since its inception
    • 🙂
  • Warlie D 11:19 AMWill there be a separate messenger? If not will there be notifications on the new app for new messages? Thank you.
    • yes there will - we may do telegram or another, but we'll announce it soon
  • Mike D 11:20 AMThe form said there will be a way to swap ONG 1:1 with the new token (outside of the platform)... is this correct?
    • If people want to hold the ONG and get the new token later, you will be able to do that.
  • Nicolai O 11:22 AMaround start December you talked about a swap/Exchange service called swopmee. I’m not asking about stuck transaction
    • We haven’t released any additional information on this yet - and it may be in the future with the changes we have made to the blockchain and services. We’ll release more info on it when the time comes.
  • Alexander U 11:22 AMThe price of the new toker will depend on us?
    • The market determines the price of the ticker - as we are a utility token, we only control what goes on in the platform; anything off the platform at exchanges is beyond our ability to control.
  • Janus B 11:23 AMWill we be able swap to ONG on the new platform?
    • Yes, once the wallet services are turned back on.
  • Dimitar I 11:23 AMwhat will be the new supply?
    • We haven’t released the new supply numbers yet
  • Simon S 11:23 AMNew beta is in the next few weeks am i right?
    • That's correct! By hopefully 2/12
  • Aaron K 11:24 AMWhen are you going to input the info Jaoa gave you to make SwopMee a live product? 😉
    • We haven’t released any additional information on this yet - and it may be in the future with the changes we have made to the blockchain and services. We’ll release more info on it when the time comes.
  • Crypto XS 11:24 AMWill the team initiate a burn on ONG?
    • We already burned 1/2 the supply early on (wish we didn't, but hey), because the supply we had back then was more than enough, but live and learn! Right now, we have no plans to do so. It's not out of the question, but it has to make sense in order for us to do that.
  • Joshua B 11:24 AMDo you plan to have crypto crow and bitboy from your team to bring an audience to the platform?
    • They both are already involved in the platform, some in advisory positions.
  • Cesar S 11:25 AMWill the new token still have the total supply of 150,000,000?
    • We haven’t released the supply values as of yet.
  • Warlie D 11:25 AMThere are upcoming blockhain social media platforms as well being built. I hope SoMee release their app and roll out all the features before the others. I have faith in SoMee.
    • We love our community and will do our best; even if other social media blockchain companies exist, no one has the power, currently of SoMee, as a free speech platform.
  • Mike D 11:27 AMWhat's the best place to stay informed if I want to take part in the open beta? The main TG channel got a bit political so I left a couple weeks ago
    • We’ll make announcements in the TG channel, official SoMee group on SoMee Social, in our social media pages, and here in the dev blogs.
  • Sai T 11:28 AMKeep Rocking, guys!!! It's just the start ... a long way to go for all Someeians.
    • Always, and thank you for the continued support!

AMA Recording

The AMA recording can be viewed on our official YouTube Channel at:

You can also view it on our events portal: (note, this doesn’t work on mobile)

Next AMA

The next AMA will be held on 2/27/2020, you can register for it here:

Let’s have a great January everyone, and keep up the awesome support and work as always.


Why Does SoMee require KYC?

SoMee isn’t just required to follow KYC, it is required to follow AML and CFT laws as well - this is because we are a United States operating company. Any company in the United States who does anything in the financial space (any type of financial transaction) is required to follow and adhere to the AML/KYC and CFT rules.

Let’s outline how that goes here, and what we are required to abide by:

What is KYC?

KYC simply means ‘Know Your Customer’ it is the set of regulations that exist that specify when a company must first verify and validate the identify of a customer, before doing financial transactions.

When blockchain first came out, and in the hay day of Bitcoin, KYC wasn’t even required - which prompted a lot of concern from regulators in the United States, as well as the European Commission. Since 2019 and 2020, the laws have been extended that ALL blockchain based companies that issue crypto currency accounts, and/or do crypto currency transactions must do KYC on their customers.

What is AML?

This is an old subset of laws and regulations that help prevent money from being used illegibly in criminal enterprises - ergo, laundering money for use where it shouldn’t be going.

In 2019, the Unites States Securities and Exchange Commission and Federal Trade Commission ratified new regulations that made all blockchain companies, projects, and backed companies subject to AML rules.

Basically, if the company issues a crypto currency account to a customer, they must verify the customers identity.

What is CFT?

Combating the Financing of Terrorism is a relatively new regulation that was ratified in the earlier 2011-2020 era, mainly targeting banks and exchanges. However, in late 2019, and ratified in mid 2020, all blockchain companies were subject to these regulations as well.

Basically, we have to adhere to three main tenants for CFT:

  • CAP: Identifying who our customers will be, and who will be accepted, and who will not - SoMee accomplishes this by making sure that only people over the age of majority (18+ in the United States) are allowed to use the platform.
  • CIP: Customer Identification program - used to identify customers before doing any type of financial transaction with them. SoMee does this with the KYC program (blue checkmark) before allowing you to do financial transactions (wthdrawls) from your account.
  • Monitoring: Ensuring that the transactions are verified, users fully KYC’d, and no unverified/unauthorized transactions users are on the system - ensuring that no trending or spike in activity that could look like terrorist criminal activities are also allowed on the system.

Why don’t other companies in the Blockchain space do KYC?

Many are starting to do so, in fact, many DAPP and newer blockchain companies that are releasing in 2020, and 2021 are adding the KYC process into their systems before allowing the withdraw of any cryptocurrency from their systems. However, the newer CFT and KYC requirements also require us to do KYC before issuing a cryptocurrency account to a user. As SoMee provides you two actual accounts (one internally for our points) and the other externally for your ETH/ONG, we must do KYC in order to allow you full control over these wallets.

Some companies don’t want to do full KYC, so they skirt the regulations and laws by only doing smaller KYC processes - verifying that you are a real person by requiring you to do selfies, or some other form of confirmation. However, In the UEC as well in the United States, this is no longer allowed in the KYC process as the PRIMARY identifier - we must know something legally about the customer.

We do this with a company called Sum&Substance, who is able to verify your identity, verify you against AML lists, and CFT lists, and ensure that the address and selfie information, and ID information you provide is valid.

As the months go on, you will see more Blockchain based companies doing these types of actions.

You can see here, if you wish to read more about AML/KYC and CFT and how it affects blockchain based projects: Cryptocurrency Compliance: KYC, AML, CFT, and Pending Rules | BitIRA®

Hello everyone! Today was a minor update, but did see quite a few changes to the database structure for our service.

SQL Optimization

One of the key drivers behind performance is being able to lookup and give information to the clients quickly, efficiently, and effectively. One of the biggest issues we’ve had with this is the notifications system.

You can imagine just how many notifications are sent across this application on a per hour basis, and as all of those notifications have to be stored, and served for people to see, we can have a very………VERY……….complex sql setup to serve them.

We have optimized the heck out of these notifications today, and they have begun to load quite a bit faster.

So, today:

  • UPDATE SQL for Notifications, Indexes and Optimizations were added, that decreased load time of notifications by more than 350%
  • UPDATE SQL For block chain rewards, indexes and optimizations were added that decreased load time of notifications by more than 150%

While that may not seem like much was done today, suffice to say, the notifications are loading quite a bit faster, the load on the SQL cluster is much lower, and the rewards load faster for everyone  

Stick with us for more updates as we post them  

New versions of the mobile app have been released and approved by both major app stores. Below are the changes for 10/16/2020:

  • FIX Wallet is taking a long time to load on mobile
  • FIX Fix 2factor loading on mobile
  • UPDATE Login and 2 Factor are different screens on mobile now
  • FIX Fix small cosmetic issue on groups on mobile
  • FIX Update Wallet password text as we have a separate 2FA screen now
  • HIDDEN Hide Scheduling post button.
  • FIX Update the text for Power Up to make it more clear
  • FIX No longer showing $ reward value incorrectly when clicking on a post from the wallet screen.
  • HIDDEN Hide Withdraw button - this can be done with any erc20 website, so not a priority to fix
  • FIX Birth Date Issue - Birthday will now show properly between mobile & web, and not adjust for timezone
  • FIX Adjusted Space between two post to be more natural
  • FIX Fixed cosmetic display issue on error message once company/group is created
  • FIX Login with 2fa is now working in IOS
  • FIX Changing profile pic on app is much easier now. No more Hypersensitive and screen movement when doing pictures
  • UPDATE KYC end point for managing documents
  • UPDATE Updated API Endpoints for various features and new SDK updates
  • FIX Search favorite coin functionality is now working
  • FIX Rewards display properly now on mobile & web (same pricing)
  • FIX Next button is now visible in verifying user
  • FIX Tokens icons now showing on prod
  • FIX Favroite coin showing object object issue (for % increase/decrease)
  • FIX KYC is no longer showing "Verified sign" and "Verify link" both
  • FIX iPhone11: icons are no longer touching the top bar of the phone

Have You Registered Yet? If not, visit: and register for your seat today!

On the Schedule

As usual, we hold monthly AMA’s on the final Saturday of the month. In this case, it’ll bee our Halloween special AMA   So, don’t forget to join us there!


We will have another open style AMA with Chris and myself, and other developers, on this date as well, who can answer whatever questions you have. We’ll first cover:

  • Current Marketing Updates
  • Current Project Plans
  • Current Project Updates
  • Long Term Project Goals
  • Contract Changes

We’ll then open it for discussion with the community.

Now is your chance!

If you wish to be part of the AMA, or have your question answered for the AMA, please post your questions here, on the blog, as a comment, or email them to with AMA Question as the subject.

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