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All - if you are on the waitlist, and in the top 20, you will automatically be allowed into our new site:

How this works:

  • The Top 20 every day at 4pm PST will be rewarded with access to the beta site.
  • Each invited person will get an email confirmation showing they have been invited (or account setup if they don't already have a SoMee account)

Once you get that email, you can login to, and start using the app.

This is a BETA app, this means that there is LIMITED functionality - our goal here right now, for this release, is to provide you a stable, cross platform, cross browser application that can be used quickly, to do social media posts.

What is working in THIS build:

  • You can post text, images, and gifs
  • You can comment
  • You can upvote and downvote
  • You can change your settings

What will be COMING in the next few weeks:

  • Groups & Friends
  • Wallet Access
  • Video Posts
  • Mobile Application

Note, that every single day the top 20 will be invited to the app. So keep sharing, and get into that top 20 spot!!!

The Technology

Our new site is a fully responsive, ReactNative build - this means it'll work in the vast majority of all web browsers, and mobile applications.

This also means that, right now, you don't need the actual IOS or Android app to access the site, simply go to the website, and boom you are in the proper view. It's very very fast, and very optimized.

Why we did another beta?

The current version of the app is an old Angular app based with a PHP backend, and old OLD VERY VERY OLD code. We wanted to start fresh, and give everyone a more modern feel to the website.

We also wanted to make sure that when we put in the new features, they were able to be put in without causing MASSIVE issues with our existing code base.


  • Will my posts still be there? Yes! We migrated over all posts from the OLD into the beta environment
  • Will my posts on the beta show in live? Nope, these environments are completely separated
  • Will my login work from SoMee social old site to the new beta? Only if you are accepted into the beta, or we go live with it on the main site
  • Will all features/services be running on beta? No, we'll make announcements about new features usually every few weeks for you to test and play with.
  • Is the blockchain enabled on the new site? Not right now!

Good Morning all you SoMeeians! I wanted to formally announce the creation of our very own Discord Community (this isn't a group, it's a real community) - we took this step because the crypto community, as a whole, is actually split between telegram and discord (almost 50/50 these days), and wanted to provide a secondary avenue to provide information in a live format to all of our users. Plus, with the issues we've been having with some bots, and problems w/ the telgram channels in general, we wanted a more reliable way to host a community.

Everyone is welcome to join, you can join by clicking on the following link:

Once you join, you will be put into the #rules channel, you can then click on the #verify channel and react the message to verify you are not a bot/spam user. That will give you access to the other channels in discord.

SPECIAL PERK: For those who are KYC verified, just send your permalink to one of the admins, and once we verify your status, we'll add that role to your account, and you'll get access to the voice channels as well.

GREAT NEWS, New Strategic Partner!

CoinGecko is now our official coin data service! We are proud to announce that we have officially switched our data services over to CoinGecko going forward; and, it’s live on the site, even as we speak (you may need to refresh   ).

We are happy to link people to CoinGecko directly from their Favorite Coins List  

How did we find CoinGecko?

SoMee CEO, Christopher Kramer and Business Development and Social Media Marketing lead Aaron Kesel (Catoshi Nakamoto) met with CoinGecko's Co-Founder, Bobby_Ong earlier this year to discuss the strategic partnership. Bobby's last name just fit with our coin's ticker onG, right?  

So, who, exactly, is CoinGecko?

First ,and foremost, they believe in the power of Free Cryptocurrency data! Their objective is to elevate crypto participants’ understanding of fundamental factors that drive the market. CoinGecko is one of the largest and earliest crypto data aggregators, operating since early 2014. It currently tracks nearly 7,000+ coins and tokens from more than 403 cryptocurrency exchanges. They are fully transparent in that respect, so they align with our core values of Choice and transparency perfectly!

CoinGecko believes data should be democratized, and so do we. We believe everyone has the right to crypto, not just the elite few.

Key Features:

  • 100% Free crypto API
  • No keys required
  • Publicly available


CoinGecko has a solid team of cryptocurrency specialists working hard to bring top notch cryptocurrency data, they’ve been in operation since early 2014, and have extensive market data available for use. We’ll be capitalizing on some of that in the near future as well (not just coin/token pricing)


CoinGecko literally has all of the cryptocurrency information you’ll pretty much ever need, right there, at your fingertips:

  • Track over 7,000 coins and tokens such as ong, bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and more from more than 400 exchanges and growing
  • Comprehensive historical data
  • 21 endpoints and more coming soon

So, why did we choose them?

Put it simply, our core value is choice, their core value is transparency and access. That’s perfectly aligned with what we want. We’ve been working with them for some time, negotiating back and forth between what it means to use SoMee and CoinGecko together, and we know it will provide not only US with the benefits we need to provide YOU the information you need, but also let YOU as the consumer have better access to coin/token data while on our platform.

Here’s looking to a great future with SoMee and CoinGecko!

SoMee is excited to announce that we will be featured by W3BT & FMW Media Works in a Dec. 2019 #NASDAQ filming line up! The twelve part series featuring will begin broadcasting in January 2020 on KRON, FOX Business, Bloomberg i-SUN Asia and more.

#SocialMediaRedefined #Privacy #Rewards #onG #Bitcoin #Ethereum#Steem

In the last month, I had the pleasure of representing SoMee at two conferences in Thailand: TokenomX and CoinAdvice. One at a time now.


After a successful event in Chiang Mai in 2018, this was the second edition of TokenomX. Held in Bangkok, the event has a refreshing “no-shill on stage” policy that is mostly respected. Beyond this, there’s a fun flair to the event with outstanding after parties.

Sporting SoMee swag, I shared our project and vision with a range of players within the Blockchain space. These included colourful characters such the MCs Steve and Brandon (in yellow suits), Michael “CryptoShill” Nye, and the great Thai Blockchain personality Soma Som.

Michael “CryptoShill” Nye (left), Rafael from SoMee (centre) and Soma Som (right) at TokenomX


Presenting SoMee at CoinAdvice

I was delighted to be invited to speak about SoMee at CoinAdvice. It was an engaging crowd and let’s just say there was a lot of intere$t in the project after the presentation.

Held in the beach town of Pattaya, the event was a mixture between intense networking and quiet conversations beside the pool. It was particularly inspiring to speak with Vahid Toosi, Presidential Advisor on Blockchain to Liberland. They are truly advancing in building their nation’s structure upon blockchain to uphold their principles.

With Vahid Toosi (Liberland, Ghostbusters, EOS Sw/eden) and Topp Jirayut Srupsrisopa (Co-Founder & CEO at Bitkub)

We made some great connections at conferences in Thailand. Next stop Hong Kong!

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