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Bug Fixes for June 2021

July 1, 2021

The following items were fixed in the June 30th, 2021 Release - note, some may read a bit odd, but, they are fixed!

Issue TypeSummary
Bug If already existing email is being used, then the app should show a validation message.
Bug user has more then 6 albums but only shows 6
Bug why online status is been shown for groups in search only?
Bug[AFTER Release] I can't edit the post without typing text
Bug[AFTER_RELEASE]  Forgot Password page design issues
Bug[AFTER_RELEASE]  On Login page, Design issues
Bug[AFTER_RELEASE] Incorrect Style
Bug2FA is not working by chrome web mobile mode
Bug3 collumn on feed not matching the design. 
BugA message for no result found is missing for companies  
BugA proper error message is required for the mentioned error
BugA user is able to sign up with two different Passwords, validation missing on Confirm password
BugA user is not able to post a gif in comments with text
BugA user is not able to post an image(with/without text)
BugA user is not able to upload a profile/background picture, once he/she has deleted the pictures 
BugAdd some words limit for a group name 
BugAfter logout, and login with new user it shows the other users posts
BugAlbum preview is not working
BugAllow image upload in groups and company post comments 
BugAmongst all, the arrow of sub-category is odd
BugApi to list group members shows error
BugApi to make other people admin
BugApp is removing all images when I uploaded more than two images, then trying to edit the post and delete any image
BugApp is removing the text, if a user clicks on text while writing a comment
Bugapplication is flickering when tapping meatball menu in feeds
BugApplication was crashing every time I go to feed
BugBeta on Mobile on refresh is a blue screen
BugBig countries name overflows form input tag in 2FA
BugBlank screen while scrolling
BugBlocker- Notification 
BugBlocking to follow
Bugboth options for timeline settings in group have same meaning change it
BugBroken click event on images from url preview
BugBug while playing videos on comments
BugCannont delete comment on image preview 
BugCan't edit a post deleting text /  space added automatically
BugChange this request sent to something else invitation was sent to user by group owner
BugClicking on profile icon under your own post comments crashes the system 
BugClicking on the name or picture of the user it is not redirecting to the user profile,
BugComments duplicate themselves on desktop
BugComment's hamburger menu opens behind the Image preview and is not not clickable.
BugComments on mobile require double click to enter text
BugComments on post preview
Bugcomments options on post not like  comments options when open review image 
BugCompany Description missing
BugCreate border on top right of image preview modal
BugCreate standard width for post gifs
BugCreating and Empty post
BugCreating comment just with space
BugDefault Image For groups is not in Groups you may know section 
BugDesign issue in Comments
BugDesign of cancel request button for group not fine  for mobile web mode
BugDidn't remove post after deleting the post on web and web mobile mode.
BugDisable all buttons that doesen't have functionality
BugDon't resize images on modal feed preview
BugDownvote issue
BugEdit comment  for post in group  : button of update and cancel not in same line 
BugEdit post doesn't work in firefox using  web mobile mode
BugEdit post not working 
BugError message when the comment is too big
BugError while inserting users on zoho crm
Bugfeed UI Issues
BugFix privacy settings as per Philips documentation
BugFixing publish button on image preview
BugFollow button
BugFor birth date years is only between 1920 and 2002 .
Bugfor new post upload one more than images then press back in mobile . Basic info page appears instead of news feed
BugFor notification show all result button not appear for chrome mobile mode 
BugForce User to stick on strict chartset
BugFrom 3rd  and onwards 3rd post, the delete is not working while replying to the comment
BugGIF window on Mobile is mispositioned, and disappears when you try to search
BugGroups and People suggestions are overlapping
BugHow to see view all notification 
Bugi can not comment with long paragraph with  GIF for post 
BugI cannot see any post with the name of the user (only posts)
BugI cant see mariam in followers list
BugIcon for notification also other icons not have equal spaces
BugIf I commented with YouTube link then I delete it, however the preview doesn't get deleted
BugIf other user  accepts any other user follow request, then that user doesn't receive any notification that their request has been accepted (Backend)
BugIf the user clicked on another user photo in notifications the profile gets opened in the background on Safari browser 
BugIf the user clicks many times on "Social Dashboard" button, the site gets crashed
BugIf the user navigates to his profile, the newsfeed screen marked as clicked on Mobile mode ( iPhones )
BugIf the user tried to type a comment on the post with an image and then click on the image quickly the comments container messed up
BugIf the user typed a comment and post and clicked on the two publish button quickly, it's messed up
BugIf the user types a comment on a post and left it without publishing, then go to another post and create a comment, it's rendering the two posts
BugIf user accepts the request, a notification shown "follow request accept, but again open notification tab, that request is  there
Bugif user change it display name, then the previous post is showing the old display name under feed
BugIf we are allowing only png files for pictures then why allowing or showing all types of files for uploading like JPEG TIFF JPG
BugIf you remove the text from post where there is an image or a gif, it won't let you save.
BugImage and GIF icon should be same so that application should be consistent
BugImage preview comments layout is broken
BugImage preview isn't appropriate for comments  
Bugimage preview not working
BugImage Preview on mobile shouldn't be in a modal screen 
BugImages on post
BugIn the basic Info the (Day, Month, Year) are empty even if the user tries to enter the data
BugIn this the shimmer appears with different font style and then changes to the normal style.
BugIn Two Factor page .There is save button 
BugIncorrect color on title
BugIncorrect eye Icon for password Input
BugIncorrect Style for Login pages
BugIncorrect style for settings blockchain
Buginvalid old password message is still after moving to another tab
BugIssues on Side bar(hiding the combo box) when changing the size of the side bar
BugIt should reflect the same number of comments on comment icon as it is having on the post
BugLinks not showing on feed posts
BugList of coins needs to fit on side bar (screen) height
BugLogin endpoint is returning user object without email property
BugLogo footer text isn't properly aligned
Buglong texts on Post or Comments
BugMarked space is quite big 
BugMentions users list ux broken
BugMessage not found is incorrect 
Bugmessed up UI in iPhone XS safari browser
BugMissing Emails for Beta Invites
BugModal is not closing on clicking the user in search bar in the mobile view 
Bugmutual followers should be there in group members list
BugName of group not appear as full text in mobile mode
Bugneed all profile details of user in user search api
Bugneed invite_status in group details api
BugNew comments being added at the end of the list 
BugNew screen should always appear from the beginning not where the scroller was set previously  
BugNewsfeed hangs cannot scroll it when going via comments. I clicked on profile icon in comments section and newsfeed is not moving
BugNo alert message appears when change Basic info 
BugNo alert message appears when change setting for Privacy or notification or blockchain
BugNo alert message when password changed in security setting 
BugNo mark for required field add steric or anything
BugNo Response from save button in web chrome mobile mode 
BugNo success message on saving changes on all settings screens 
BugNo successful message for copy link of post in Firefox
Bugnot save changes in emoji , text and url post after editing
BugNotification appearing twice
BugNotification count for like and dislike 
BugNotification dropdown issue
BugNotification icon came in front when opening a search bar in small devices 
BugNotification issue (Backend)
BugNotification not working for Firefox mobile mode 
BugNoting happens when user taps on gif and emoji button under comment section of  his own post
BugNUmber of notifications is to big 
BugOn comments delete is incorrect
BugOn deleting a post with image there is a big space appears
BugOn edit a comments preview is not showing 
Bugon iPad/Tablet, top container is snipped - margins are off
BugOn Mobile browser safari,  it is closing the GIF popup, when user click on search bar.
BugOn Mobile browser safari, Emoji in comments is not functional and also gif popup is very small for view 
BugOn Preview Image, on the comments there is no actions
BugOn settings, Basic Information Page "Details" tab is showing different values as per design.
BugOn updating it should delete only one image but there is no updating happened
Bugonline dot not in correct place for mobile mode 
BugPeople You may know
Bugpeople you may know and groups on feed are congested
Bugphoto of friends not in correct place using Firefox mobile mode 
BugPost and comments 
BugPosting images
BugPost's popover is not hiding the button(three dots) for next post's popover 
BugPreview Image has wrong style on comments 
BugPreview toggle is not working while posting a you tube video 
BugProfile Icon is not showing properly using web and web mobile mode in newsfeed screen
BugProfile Picture Alignment issue
BugProfile picture and background disappear when loading  
BugProfile Picture and Background Picture 
BugPublishing image without post message.
BugRefresh page take me to previous page not the same page 
BugRefreshing issue
BugRemove 3 dots over the header and also these are appearing in notifications too
BugRemove Add more picture option in comment
BugRemove all unnecessary fields from security 
BugRemove comments inside the image preview should work 
Bugremove followers not working
BugRemove 'this post has no comments'
BugRemove Two Factor not working 
BugReplies to the comment isn't looking proper couldn't guess which comment has been replied to
BugResult Not Found appears in Posts section in the searchPage 
BugSave button is not working when there are more than 1 picture already been posted
BugScreen is flickering when tap on search icon
BugScreen issues
BugScroll down / up is not working correctly  
BugSearch by my followers in following for user profile not working
Bugsearch for groups not working 
BugSearch to add member in group not working 
BugSearch under "Add new member" to a group not working if I typed first letter capital like (A, B, C,.....)
Bugsearching not workig in companies list
Bugsee the video dont know how to describe this issue. This issue is related to group notification 
BugSetting tab not appears using Firefox web mobile mode
BugShare post is removing the post preview details from original post
BugShimmer for notification is missing
BugShow coingecko icon on the coins list
BugShow file id when update post photo
BugShow users avatar on feed
BugSocial links not working 
BugSpace behaviour on post and comments
BugSpace between buttons is to big
BugSpacing between user name and dat time is not similar with figma
BugTapping on search icon a search bar appears and when click some other place, the search bar disappears
BugText Of previous button in 2FA is hidden using web mobile mode 
BugText of remove button of  Two Factor is hidden 
BugText Post, Text Wrap issue.
BugText spacing is not correct
BugThe "View more comments" not clickable
BugThe 2FA flow with sms and/or auth app to verify user identity during the login doesn't working
BugThe App get stuck when the user tries to share a post till close the App and open it again with iPhone XS v14.4
BugThe App is showing validation message on Sign up page but on Login page it is not showing any validation message when user clicks on Login without entering any data 
BugThe App should show validation message for password length as it is showing on Sign up page 
BugThe copy link button of any post gives the home page link
BugThe copy link button of post which has an image doesn't work
BugThe data under privacy settings aren't updated
BugThe delete button not appear properly, on editing the first post
BugThe downvote and upvote buttons are not working when user view post
BugThe emojis congested
BugThe filter icon is not well designed under member screen on groups
BugThe Follow button doesn't work under Users screen
BugThe gif container overlap with the post 
BugThe green circle is not in correct place when the user tries to add new member in group
BugThe newsfeed marked as clicked when user tab on following screen on Safari browser iPhone XS
BugThe notification of the user invites another user to join the group isn’t working and leads you to a blank page.
BugThe notifications did not get updated
BugThe number of comments of post on Newsfeed don't match with profile page till refreshing the page
BugThe onClick image preview of a url should take user to the site in a new window
BugThe post get updated without click on update button if user refresh the page
BugThe profile picture doesn't get updated when the user uploads a new one till refreshing the page
BugThe screen is flickering, when a user go to the direct post link
BugThe scroll bar is flickering
BugThe Search Menu get stuck on the page In Safari browser
Bugthe search works after typing second character
BugThe site can't be opened on iPhone 6 v11
BugThe site get messed up when the user click on followers tap with safari on phone 
BugThe site gets crashed when the user clicks on the report inside the view post screen
BugThe site gets messed up when the user clicks on any album
BugThe user can create an album with empty name.
BugThe user can create an empty reply in comments
BugThe user can create new group with empty name
BugThe user can enter many characters in search box
Bugthe user can scroll into the back screen while the post menu is still opening then the comments medsed up
BugThe user can type an empty comment
BugThe user can write a white space at the beginning of the search followers or following and by doing this the result always is "No Results Found"
BugThe user can't comment
BugThe user can't create a story on Safari browser
BugThe user can't turn off 2FA (Backend)
BugThe whole application gets messed up when the user tries to type two comments on the profile screen
BugThere is an error message appears when the user write one character in search on follower screen
BugThere is an error message that appears when the user click twice or more on the follow button on the Edge browser
BugThere is no Color for the footer links on Login Page 
BugThere is no way to cancel a post 
Bugthere should be scroll bar so that user can view every notification he receives
Bugthere should be written, "forgot your password?" according to figma under Login screen
BugThere’s a green circle overlaps in username when the user edit his/her post
BugThird column not working
Bugthis screen should be responsive
Bugthree dots in the comment are in the wrong position
BugTurkish Keyboard Error
BugUI alignment issue 
BugUI issue in Emoji container on iPhone 12 pro max
BugUI issue- Under description heading its written groups's name it is not name replace that
BugUnable to create group or companies
Bugunable to go to the group via search
BugUnable to send invitation for group.
BugUpdate comments inside the image preview should work
BugUploading images
BugURL Preview 
BugUse the 2FA flow with  auth app to verify user identity during the also send SMS 
Buguser 1 sends a follow request to user 2, user 2 open notification center , user 2 accept the request and user 1 cancel follow request spontaneously, user 2 is getting a successful msg that " follow request accepted"
BugUser can't even open  people you may know suggestion
BugUser is not able to use ipa file for iOS
BugUser name can't not be displayed where user tries to post something according to figma
BugUser should be able to add multiple comments
BugValidate voting in own post and fix vote count
BugVideo preview is appearing for non video links too
BugVideo when playing is not on the right size
BugView more comments stays there when there's no more comments
BugView password Functionality is missing on all screens.
BugWallet icon is overlapped with search tab Using Firefox web mobile mode 
Bugwe are calling the groups suggestions multiple times when we load the feed, but it should be called only once
Bugwe need filters in group members api
Bugwe need mutual followers and gscore in invite memembers list of group and companies
Bugwe need photo id in groups and company post images 
Bugwe need user role in groups list api
BugWhat is the need of this filter in followers and following tabs as its already sorted 
BugWhen a post has 2 images with different resolutions it's not fitting the smaller image to the image container
BugWhen a post has one image it is not showing it with full width on the feed
BugWhen a user is posting an emoji or posting an emoji in comments it is hidden behind the pop up and user is not able to see what he/she is adding
Bugwhen a user is typing emoji, it is zooming in the screen and then closing the popup 
BugWhen a user posts on his/her timeline, it brings old posts not the new ones, the user has to refresh to see the new ones
BugWhen a user refresh the news feed it is showing blue bar 
BugWhen a user scroll down the feed, the sidebar is scrolling down as well
Bugwhen change setting voting bar it affect only on percentage
BugWhen choose country option in Two factor (SMS). Ruler appears 
BugWhen choose password using email . my email appears in search bar and border of field disappear
BugWhen click for comment in image preview emoj word overlaps with gif icon also when try to comment more one comment  design be not fine 
Bugwhen edit photo in post  using  user page  it not appear on feed until doing refresh page 
BugWhen I commented with YouTube link on post however the preview is active, it doesn't appear 
BugWhen I editing a post with more than two images, there is no action till I refresh the page
Bugwhen making member in group  admin and  when press back and renter group he become member not admin !!!
BugWhen open drop down list of privacy from bottom to top it seems as one drop down list
BugWhen open post of friends with photo and comments with youtube.. image size changes
Bugwhen press space in search field in followers doing refresh for result for every space 
BugWhen put a comment using posts in profile and try to see it n feed showing wrong number of comment 
Bugwhen report post and submit report design of news feed become not fine 
Bugwhen search for user i can not open his page direct 
Bugwhen search for user i get it but i can not  open profile or use show all result button 
BugWhen tapping on search ison, user can't write anything
BugWhen the user clicks on mentioned user should be directed to the profile
Bugwhen the user clicks on the group name it's directed to the newsfeed screen
BugWhen the user clicks on the image, the modal doesn't reflect the designs from figma.
BugWhen the user creates an album without selecting the privacy message there is nothing happening
BugWhen the user goes to a specific post and create a comment then clicks on newsfeed quickly, it's messed up
BugWhen the user goes to any notification and return back again, the scroll bar becomes too slow and gets disappeared
BugWhen the user opens a post with an image and scrolling down/up the comments container gets messed up on the Safari browser
BugWhen the user opens any post image and close it again, it's freezing on Safari browser
BugWhen the user tried to create a comment with a YouTube link the post messed up
BugWhen the user tries to edit post on group and delete an image, all images got deleted.
BugWhen the user tries to leave a group there is an error thrown
BugWhen there are multiple images, Posting on one image should not reflect to all other images and also not on the post
Bugwhen try to change my birthday get updated successfully but  cleared after updated 
BugWhen try to write phone number for two factor . it accept to write before code of country
BugWhen Two Factor is enables and Go back to Two Factor keeps me in authentication app page
BugWhen we are sharing that post it is crashing
Bugwhen write more than 11 number on phone number for sms . error message still appears when moving for previous page and back to sms
Bugwhen you take the short clips to last video the tickers vanishes cannot move back to the last video 
BugWhile Posting a GIF, it is showing a message "Pull down to refresh", When it is on Mobile view. 
BugWhile posting a GIF, It should let the user to add text after the GIF and also after posting the GIF it should show the GIF name as well 
BugWhile posting a GIF, The Design is not good 
BugWhile posting an image, the publish button appears only if user clicks on text area, otherwise it is not appearing 
Bugwhy there is spinner loading when albums are completely shown?
BugWhy these are not same?
BugWords overlapping the drop down cursor for category in (groups/Company)
BugZoho API Not working
Story[After_Release] The app is not showing the mandatory Fields with (*)
Story[Release June] Allow image upload in groups and company comments
Story[Release June] Create tool to convert old ong token to new ong v2 
Story[Release June] Verify pictures position during upload and force correct positioning
Story[Release] 3 columns feed
Story[Release] Add settings to support followers system
Story[Release] Finish user profiles flows
Story[Release] Notifications
Story[Release] Refactor feed component
Story[Release] Search results page 
Story[Release] Single post page
Story[Release_May] (Backend) Reply comments unlimited levels
Story[Release_May] (Backend) Short clips 
Story[Release_May] (Backend) Update format Group/CompanyAPI
Story[Release_May] Add support to pictures on comments
Story[Release_May] Enable account creation flow 
Story[Release_May] Groups/Companies subflows
Story[Release_May] Profile photos and albumns
StoryAdd search 
StoryAdd SonarCube to scan projects for code competency and consistency.
StoryAdd support to create/edit/delete comments
StoryAdd support to pictures on comments
StoryAdd support to youtube videos on the feed
StoryAdd temp solution for logs 
StoryChange the post creation to permit empty messages
StoryCreate all legal pages
StoryCreate API Documentation for Forgot Password
StoryCreate Documentation for API OP on Swagger
StoryCreate new Post
StoryEdit Post
StoryEndpoint used to list users to invite for company
StoryImplement user profile
StoryRemove `Friends` from translations and components naming
StoryReport a post
StoryReverse the post comments order 
StoryStandardize Notifications API
StoryUpdate the upload api to support the new response format
Storywe need count in company members api
Sub-taskCreate Unit Tests for SecuritySettings, First and Second steps of Configure2FA  Flow
Sub-taskCreate Unit Tests for Steps of remove2FA in SecuritySettings
Sub-taskDisplay the comments of a post in the feed screen
Sub-taskNew post - add photo
Sub-taskNew post - Gifs
Sub-taskNew post - happy path
Sub-taskNew post - tag users
Sub-taskUpvote/Downvote post
Task[Release_May] Add links for posts and follow on notifications
Task[Release_May] Change colors on notifications list
TaskAccept follow invites when someone changes timeline preferences
TaskAdd influencers to beta
TaskAdd new return to autocomplete request
TaskAdd opengraph support on post comments
TaskAdd opengraph support on post comments
TaskAdd user email on the confirmation link sent by email to the user
TaskConvert 2FA application APIs to the new pattern
TaskConvert API of settings and profile to new format
TaskCreate an entity type of comments in upload api 
TaskCreate API to Followers Feature
TaskCreate deployment
Taskcreate filters for followers and following
TaskCreate flags to disable blockchain writing
TaskCreate Followers page on user profile
TaskCreate Following page on user profile
TaskCreate links for mentions on post body
TaskCreate mechanism to save logs
TaskCreate mechanism to work with sockets
TaskCreate photo album screen
TaskCreate post actions popover
TaskCreate Report post action
TaskCreate timeline privacy field on user profile settings
TaskDevOps Task Week 36
TaskDocumentation to upload image while creating post
TaskDocumentation to upload image while creating post
TaskFetch favorite coins on sidebar
TaskFix deploy to dev1
TaskFix things for the beta release
Taskget 2FA is returning an array 
TaskImplement new query on notifications
TaskImplement new returns on Giphies API   
TaskImplement new returns on groups api
TaskImplement new returns to company api
TaskImplement new returns to friends api
TaskImplement new returns to photos api
TaskImplement new returns to post and newsfeed api
TaskImplement new returns to post comments api
TaskImplement new returns to search api
TaskImplement new returns to vote api
Tasknew timeline_prefrences :-  Only Followers I follow Back (default)
TaskRemove follower api
TaskSave OpenGraph Info on Post
TaskSet up for Fastlane 
TaskShow follow invite notifications on notifications list
TaskTotal Count of the search when the the users search for groups, company, groups 
TaskUpdate SumSub Api
TaskUpdate 'User Not Enabled' to be more specific
TaskUse new sql query on newsfeed
TaskVote is not returning vote type when someone upvoted or downvoted
TaskWhen try to search for user and click on result , Failed to open user page 
TaskWrite test cases for user story SOMEE-6124
TaskWrite test cases for user story SOMEE-6139
TaskWrite test cases for user story SOMEE-6295
TaskWrite test cases for user story SOMEE-6396
TaskWrite test cases for user story SOMEE-6404

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