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February 25, 2021

All - if you are on the waitlist, and in the top 20, you will automatically be allowed into our new site:

How this works:

  • The Top 20 every day at 4pm PST will be rewarded with access to the beta site.
  • Each invited person will get an email confirmation showing they have been invited (or account setup if they don't already have a SoMee account)

Once you get that email, you can login to, and start using the app.

This is a BETA app, this means that there is LIMITED functionality - our goal here right now, for this release, is to provide you a stable, cross platform, cross browser application that can be used quickly, to do social media posts.

What is working in THIS build:

  • You can post text, images, and gifs
  • You can comment
  • You can upvote and downvote
  • You can change your settings

What will be COMING in the next few weeks:

  • Groups & Friends
  • Wallet Access
  • Video Posts
  • Mobile Application

Note, that every single day the top 20 will be invited to the app. So keep sharing, and get into that top 20 spot!!!

The Technology

Our new site is a fully responsive, ReactNative build - this means it'll work in the vast majority of all web browsers, and mobile applications.

This also means that, right now, you don't need the actual IOS or Android app to access the site, simply go to the website, and boom you are in the proper view. It's very very fast, and very optimized.

Why we did another beta?

The current version of the app is an old Angular app based with a PHP backend, and old OLD VERY VERY OLD code. We wanted to start fresh, and give everyone a more modern feel to the website.

We also wanted to make sure that when we put in the new features, they were able to be put in without causing MASSIVE issues with our existing code base.


  • Will my posts still be there? Yes! We migrated over all posts from the OLD into the beta environment
  • Will my posts on the beta show in live? Nope, these environments are completely separated
  • Will my login work from SoMee social old site to the new beta? Only if you are accepted into the beta, or we go live with it on the main site
  • Will all features/services be running on beta? No, we'll make announcements about new features usually every few weeks for you to test and play with.
  • Is the blockchain enabled on the new site? Not right now!

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