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Accessing Your ERC-20 Wallet Off Platform

May 10, 2021


Some users may wish to access their wallet OFF of the SOMEE platform - sometimes, this is very useful. For example, if the blockchain is down, or has issues, you still have access to your wallet. Or, they prefer to manage all their ERC-capable wallets in ONE place, even though they may be also tied to other platforms.


Any ERC-20 crypto wallet service out there can have you add your SoMee wallet to their service - NOTE, you should only do this if you trust the company that you are adding your wallet to. And, you should avoid using your secret phrases, or private keys being entered online - as oftentimes, those are vectors for people stealing your keys.

First: Access your SoMee wallet (https://somee.social (note, we may be taking this service offline soon, as it's very outdated)) - or access the welcome email we sent you when you accessed your wallet for the first time.

You can access the wallet by clicking Wallet at the top of SoMee.social and logging in. Then once you are authorized into the wallet, click the Settings button, which will bring up the following:

From here, click 'Export Wallet' and it will have the needed phrases/information for you.

In the email, or on your settings page, you can view your Wallet settings and then your Seed Phrases and Private key.

Accessing the Wallet with a Wallet Provider.

For Metamask you can see the following articles:
For MyEtherWallet follow these instructions:

Second: Visit: https://www.myetherwallet.com/access-my-wallet

Third: Use one of the options listed on the page to add your wallet. Note, if you have none of these other options available, YOU CAN use your private key and/or seed phrase to gain access:

In this case, we would want to pick the SOFTWARE option.

This will bring up the following interface. It is PREFERRED if you use your mnemonic phrase, as giving out your Keystore and the private key is considered FAR more dangerous and just not often done. But, if it's all you have, it's all you have.

Chose the option that makes sense to you there, and press Continue (I'm going to chose the Mnemonic Phrase option)

From here, enter in the mnemonic phrase that was sent to you. More than 12 words? you can enable the Extra Word option at the bottom of that screen. Once you have filled out all the words click on the continue button.

You will then be taken to the screens on how to access and secure your wallet. From here, you can link it to other services, transfer and or manage the wallet to your heart's content.

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